Convenience Foods are ruining your health!

Smiling Fish fingers and baguettes!

We've heard of talk about eating eating too much Convenience Foods. Well let's not include canned food for the moment and start off with ready meals.

Microwave meals are everywhere nowadays and they are gaining popularity especially with those living in big cities. The size of the ready meals section in supermarkets reflects how big the city is. I, too opted for these easy meals while I was alone working in London. Yes, I know they taste really bad. The chicken in the chicken curry tasted like pieces of cardboard.

Nutritionists have been going on about the amount of salt in those ready meals. Of course the meals contain a lot of salt else they would taste bland and we would notice the lousy ingredients in there! Want a better tasting meal? Then you'll have to pay more for the top of the range ready meals. Ah well.. they are all ready meals.. the more expensive ones have more colours in there.

Besides, if you are on an extremely low budget, ready meals are the best. Only less than a quid (one pound) for a meal. It's simply purse saving heaven! If I buy more than 4, I could get all of them at 2 pounds! Yay! But we are not just talking about ready meals that are far cheaper. Most of the convenience foods are! Chips in pack, fish fingers, or simply anything for deep frying are priced at extremely low prices. You'll be shocked how much more expensive are vegetables compared to nice frozen smileys with turkey meat.

That makes me wonder or am I the only who's concerned about how things are.. if there is a never ending campaign to encourage us to eat healthier, then why shouldn't vegetables and fruits be dirt cheap? And fish be priced at half that of all meats? Is it time we as consumers cause this change in the market? Demand cheaper prices for healthier and fresh foods!


DineometerDeb said...

Yes! It bugs me no end when people are eating those "diet" frozen meals for lunch everyday. They market themselves as being the healthy choice. Is that really good for your health to eat that crap? I doubt it.

Jasmine Shanea said...

Sometimes we just need a quick fix (even more so living in a metropolis), so I guess convenience food is like my next best friend when I am too lazy to walk out and buy food. :) Oh the crutch.

BK said...

I thought about it too. Sometimes it doesn't seem to make sense. Eating vegetables and fruits are not cheap. There was once when I went on a vegetarian diet and I was eating with friends in a restaurant. Guess what? I had something like a salad meal which costed me more than a price for fish and chips!

SheR. said...

>>Deb, I don't think any ready meals are any good at all. All the freshness frozen and with all the preservatives! Yikes! That's scary to even think about it now. Diet meals... my foot!

I don't know why no one bothers to bug those manufacturers to stop putting those labels "Diet" foods to fool consumers!!

SheR. said...

>>Jasmine. Yes, we have to rely on convenience foods sometimes. Even though we know it's bad... what can we do when we can't cook for ourselves or are too busy!

What's with the crutch?

SheR. said...

>>Bk Tell me about the highly priced foods... especially fish! I'm so sad that fish is so over priced everywhere!!!! :(
I need to be rich to be vegetarian! Yikes!