Do you eat Flowers?

Does the thought of eating flowers conjure up the image of a cow chewing grass? No.. I am not talking about picking any flowers from your garden and start munching away. Flowers can be a pretty ornament to a dull green salad.

Indeed flower eating has been a common practice for Chinese. Chrysanthemums are prized for its
calming cooling properties. Simple brewed like tea with rock sugar. Sometimes chinese medicine are added to increase the combined healing effect of all the medicine. And of course, Chrysanthemum tea is the easiest form of base for most medicine.

Camomile has been an English favourite for its soothing effect when you are down with cold. It is also commonly used in Chinese medicine too.

Different types of floral teas have also been on the market for quite a while. And simply watching the petals settle in your cup is a joyful experience. Rose being one of my favourite.

All the uses of Flowers for medicine aside, Flowers are also widely used in confectionery. Floral Waters derived from the fragrance of flowers are the most common. Refer to my previous post. And of course, they are now popular for cake decorations. Adding Rose Petals to a cake makes it look romantic and elegant. Of course not forgetting the pretty little lavender which makes one of my favourite cookies.

After all these Floral talk, hope you'll give it a try. Coat your rose petals with sugar and see how wonderful the effects of those petals are on your cupcakes. For a list of what flowers are edible, view this link.


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