Do you wash Fruits and Vegetables before eating?

More vegetables from the supermarket!

Another piece of news to worry ourselves. According to the latest research, washing our fruits and vegetables even with chlorine disinfectants can't totally CLEAN them. Those cunning disease-causing microbes are masters of hide-and-seek.

Oh well, what can we do now? Stop eating fresh fruits and vegetables? Or risk getting food contamination?

Don't worry too much. There's a new technique on the way that can kill those evil pathogens - Irradiation. This is currently undergoing reviews by the regulatory bodies. Erm.. in the meantime, just watch the source of your salad. Or I will cook them even though I'm most likely to destroy most of the vitamins.

Good luck! Here's the article.


eastcoastlife said...

I think in future many people will die from too much chemicals in their daily food. Die also must eat...

SheR. said...

You're right dear. There's not much we can do hur?

Angie said...

I've always wondered about this. How many places, and through how many hands, does a piece of fruit or a veggie go before it gets to us? I especially became conscious of it after reading about the germs, including staph and fecal bacteria, on lemons that come in our drinks at restaurants. (http://your-best-life.blogspot.com/2008/02/hold-lemon.html)

I try to always wash mine thoroughly, but as you stated, other than that, there isn't a lot we can do!

SheR. said...

After my Health and Safety course in 2003, I became extremely conscious of every single possible food contamination around me. We had to do a hazard analysis report in my final year. That put me on my toes about every item I touched.

Besides washing, do watch out for where you store your fresh fruits and vegetables too!! Cross contamination is number culprit for food contamination!!1

chris said...

I'm not worried. Like everything in nature, these pathogens will get balanced out by good bacteria. I am sure we'll be ok...I love your Banner Head.

piebuko said...

So, aside from irradiation, there's absolutely nothing we can do to thoroughly clean those blasted vegetables and fruits????

thanks for the cake!

WebDiggin said...

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We know what you mean about giving up on affiliate marketing. It's hit or miss and sometimes we feel like we're missing alot.

How are you monetizing this site? Or is it just your personal / food blog?

SheR. said...

>> Chris thanks for dropping by.
Hm.. that's a new way of looking at the whole issue of pathogens. Never thought of it that way!

Thanks for liking my Header! :D

>>Piebuko! Have more desserts on me! If it makes you happier! Hey I'm here to spread the job of baking! :)

Concerning the fruits we eat, I really don't know what to do about them. Just eat them straight from the trees! Bet they are better with all the nature protecting them! ;)

>> Hi Webdiggin. Really Appreciate you dropping by and leaving comments even though the topics here might not interest you.

I'm not too concerned about monetizing this blog. I'm happy to have readers! And I love interacting with people!

Sangeeta Sinha said...

Sher, hi. Tell me, what do you call this particular vegetable (as shown in the photograph) in English and your language? In my language(Bengali), we call it 'jhinge' and we normally prepare this either with onion or with poppy seed paste. Then, it is taken with rice.

SheR. said...

Hi Sangeeta. Not too sure what's the name.. think my mum called it the "snake melon"??