Energy drinks - a health concern?

Energy drinks are as harmful as alcohol?

Read about this Article and it raised some concerns on my end. It has never occurred to moi that Energy drinks market can be so huge and dangerous. No one is watching them and things could get out of hand according to the writer of this article who has been following the trend of Energy drinks which used to be dominated by Red Bull.

According to Wikipedia, Energy drinks are actually soft drinks which are marketed as being able to provide you with more "Energy" than an average drink. Why so and how do they do that? Well it's not surprising that Caffeine is indeed one of the main ingredients in most of the drinks. Caffeine gives our body a temporary "energy boost" whenever we consume it. Don't be fooled by the Guarana or Yerba Mate in the Energy drinks. They are the same as caffeine in coffee or tea.

Many other "New Age" Energy drinks claim to contain Vitamins and lots of other herbs such as Gingko Bilobao. But seriously, we all know they are just drinks with high levels of sugar to give the adrenaline rush in your body.

Why is it a health concern? Energy drinks can be fatal. It can cause seizures (certain forms of epilepsy) resulting from a sudden decrease in Energy high after consumption. Several deaths are linked to heavy consumption of Energy drinks.

Being laden with caffeine, it is advisable for children or women of reproductive age to limit the Energy drinks in their diets. Too much caffeine can cause anxiousness and jittery behaviour in most individuals. I can't consume more than 3 cups a day. My heart will be pumping at such a fast rate that I will feel so uncomfortable!

Moreover, Energy drinks are typically mixed with alcohols. There are certain premixes in market according to the article and that is indeed another reason for us to be concern about the sale of Energy drinks to young children.

Do watch out for these cleverly disguised Energy drinks. Should we ban them? Or should we appeal to supermarkets to place these drinks together with alcoholic drinks? Let's hear your views on this issue.


C K said...

Not exactly into energy drinks. A schoolmate of mine collapsed into coma after dunking down an entire bottle of H2O. It was really his fault for drinking too much too fast..

Heard that it's quite common in Europe to down Red Bull so that they can be sober for a second round of drinks. It's crazy.

For me? A nice cuppa is the energy drink will do the job just fine... :)

SheR. said...

Me too! So scary!
I prefer my coffee and tea! So much better and less sugar!

piebuko said...


I don't know if I should pout after reading this article or I should be grateful that I've been warned.

Anyways, thanks for your comments. You're such a darling!

SheR. said...

Haha.. Well it's your choice Piebuko. Drink in moderation.
I still prefer my coffee.. more natural. Hahaha

uncommon said...

I think these things are to be avoided like the plague.

On my tactical firearms unit, (in the cops) we had a geezer who used caffeine pills and he was completely crazy all the time from lack of sleep. His decision making was reckless and I hated having him on my team, he was a danger to himself and everyone else.

He eventually shot himself in the leg, while practicing his fast draw technique in front of the mirror at home.

Which got him out of the job, and out of my unit:)

I think our bodies are pretty smart, and overloading them with anything excessive like this is a bad move.


SheR. said...

Yikes. Not a very nice sight to see.. .. getting shot in the leg. I bet it took him sometime to realise how painful it was too!

My body is very sensitive to any type of excess consumption. :P Too much coffee and I will bouncing off the kitchen walls!

Sangeeta Sinha said...

Sher, you have taken the words from my mouth. I try to tell the negative aspects of it to many students of mine; simply they refuse to listen. They want to drink these at any cost.

SheR. said...

Yes Sangeeta, what we can do is inform. The choice of consumption is still up to everyone.