Fish Farming

Mock Fish!

Fish Farming role is in helping to control the depleting fish resources worldwide. Most of our favourite fishes are overfished and driven almost to extinction. Blue Fin Tuna and the nutritious Salmon are on top of the list. Salmon is the hardest to farm. Wild salmon travels thousands of miles from its native river to the ocean feeding grounds while farmed salmon is confined to its cage no matter how much more space the farmers give to this fish.

As I have pointed out in one of my previous posts, Fish food is the main cause of concern. Fish farmers have opted to feed their fishes with vegetable oils because it is cheaper compared to fishmeal made from edible wild species. And of course this new practice significantly reduce the health benefits of eating fatty fish.

Prawn farming is the most popular around Southeast Asian region. Most of the prawns that we get in Singapore markets are farmed. I remember being told to remove all the heads of the prawns before eating them as most of these prawns are being fed waste material. I don't know how true is this statement but the sight of a half black prawn head when it is cooked certainly makes me not want to eat it.

Here is an article from BBC food which I got my inspiration to write this post.

As noted in the article, we should try to eat other types of fishes for example pond fishes. They are more sustainable as compared to our farmed ocean fishes. But fish lovers like me understand why ocean fishes are so highly priced. The taste of the pond cannot be compared to that of the sea. I recalled eating catfish when I was little and that muddy aftertaste put me off pond fishes for quite a long time.

After so much controversy about our fish stocks, what can we the consumers do? Probably some of us have converted to a fish diet for health reasons. And now, they are telling us that we are causing the depletion of fish resources?! Well.. I think it's time we should all turn to vegan diet for answers?


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DineometerDeb said...

They feed vegetable oil to fish??? I had no idea. I can see how that would reduce the health benefits of fish.

SheR. said...

>>Hiya Cooking! Thanks!
I'm over at your site right now! Japanese food! Yummy!!!! :D

>>Dineometer... yeah I should learn to catch my own fish at this rate that fish are farmed! :P