Floral water - a must on a Patissiere's shelf

Don't know what is Floral Water? I'm not talking about fragrances that you wear on your special night out. What I'm going to discuss in this article are those that we patissieres or bakers used for baking.

Still have no clue what it is? Simple, it's a simple fragrance made by charging distilled water with essential oil over time. Or as Wikipedia puts it, it is a distillate of flower petals. One good example is Rosewater which makes the world famous Turkish Delight.

According to certain websites, one can also create alcohol blends. Here is a recipe of how to make Lavender Water.

Orange Flower Water too is used commonly in Mediterranean desserts and cocktails.

Now you'll be wondering what is the function of floral waters. First of all, floral waters have no taste on its own. It works rather like an extract (for example Vanilla Extract) for cakes and cookies. Being really strong scented, only one or two drops are sufficient to change the smell of your desserts dramatically. And remember as they are clear, they will not impart any colours to your desserts.

Have fun with Floral Waters and posh up your desserts with them!

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