Food ingredient innovation drivers

Hm... a "mini" doughnut, anyone?

Daily dose of Food industry news for some post inspiration, I picked up an article that is informative but it concerns us the consumers more than just the daily news of some new ingredients. This article in Food Navigator lists the main drivers behind the need for ingredient innovation.

  • Weight management
I bet this worries most of us especially the ladies. Obesity has been on the agenda in US markets for ages although many other countries are catching up. Putting on weight can be a serious health concern and not just on the appearance. I don't have to list all the problems that an obese person might face. I think we have enough of that in the news already. Even in forums, I will not be surprised to find a thread about Weight Loss or weight-related issues.

I have always been skinny according to some of my mates but I'm naturally slim and did not have go through any diets to maintain my size 10. I did put on weight (5kg) and my dress size increased from 10 to 14 during my first year in London. I felt extremely uncomfortable sitting down because of the extra "cushion" around my waist. I started to resent walking which made me breathless after 30 minutes. That was when I realised being Fat is not my cup of tea.

  • Health
I bet from the number of posts that I've written or picked out from online magazines, that is of course the another big issue for food innovation. We want to be healthy and those thoughts of tubes sticking out of our bodies in operation room are terrifying enough. Let alone, those treatments that are associated with any form of illness.

That is also the reason why we see a booming market for health supplements. But do take caution when you decide to start consuming those pills. Read up on those supplements!

  • Satiety
As stated in the article, this is linked to weight management. Food innovation is driven by the need to satiate one's appetite quickly to induce a weight loss. Not sure if that works. But I guess scientists might have to work on the brains then. Most of the time, the craving of food is all in the mind!

Fruits and vegetables can curb one's need to eat more. But of course, it takes a lot of time to switch one's appetite to the healthy foods especially a meat diet. Speaking from personal experience, I used to be a "meat-eater". I made the switch when I moved to London. When I had to purchase raw meat and cooked them, it really put me off the craving for meat. And my profession required me to try new food everyday. So eventually I found that fruits and vegetables are much more satisfying and tastier than a plain old meat which looked bloody disgusting raw! A plate of mushrooms is my main substitute for meat! Yummy!

  • Increasing Food Prices
If you have not heard about it, here is the big news. Food Prices are sky rocketing. It is nothing compared to oil prices but who knows with the increase in demand for all types of food, the prices will shoot through the roof soon! Rice prices increased 66% since last year. That's why it is time for scientists to look for solutions to solve the crisis. Creating more yield with our current food resources.

Maybe you think switching to (yet-to-be expensive) foods will solve the problem, I pretty much doubt it. Shifting our demands from Cereals to Rice to Potatoes merely increased the prices of the food that you switched to. This is in accordance to the basic laws of economics.

What are your views on this? Comments are welcomed!


DineometerDeb said...

The increasing food prices concern me, especially after talking with the owner of a bakery here in town. She has had to raise her prices 125% and sees more increases coming. I have heard (but not researched this) that the problem is with rice as well as flour. Guess it's a good time to start the Atkins Diet, haha.

Avee said...

thanks for the visit =) good night here

C K said...

I am a meat person. Period. Was under the impression that humans are meant to be herbivours, then why is it so difficult to get us to eat veg? lol

Having been in London for a year, I'm still a meat eater through and through. Having prepared my own food when I was back home so no prob about the raw food.

But I must admit that the 'occasional' diet of (seedless) grapes do appeal to me somewhat. :)

SheR. said...

>>Hiya Dineometer.
Guess I'm not the only person who's worried here. Bread prices here are increasing as fast as petrol! That's why I started baking my own breads even though I have to sacrifice a few hours a day for that! Next step, plant my own crops! Hahahaha!

>>Hello Avee. Thanks for popping by too.

>>Well CK, you'll fit in pretty well in Croatia and Italy then. There's so much meat on the table I'm turning vegetarian!

I was in London for 3 + years working in the kitchen with all the meat and those in supermarkets look like somebody put out human flesh for sale! So bloody and goes off in a day! Unbelievable!!

Guess you're one of those lucky ones who can afford not to buy value meals unlike moi.

BK said...

My motivation is in eating healtily. However, I am not the extreme case. I do indulge in unhealthy snacks once in a while. I still can't get over the almost whole piece of Danish cream cheese I used in the cheesecake :P

SheR. said...

>> Same here BK. Need some junk in my body once in a while. Like fast food and chips! Yum!!

Syari said...

Sher, being fat ain't nobody's cup of tea. LOL I have friends who are thin and slim yet they still become breathless after 20 mins walk! So I guess it relates to being out of shape not only because of fat.

P/s I posted a simple hungarian pörkölt recipe at the forum.

SheR. said...

Yeah I hate putting on weight now since I'm back to size 10! ;)

Sure I'll check out the forum!