Food Packaging and Branding

A simple packet of Teh-C. No branding required.

Cadbury's is losing its fight to retain the exclusive right of its purple packaging. Apparently another Australian brand of chocolate Darrell Lea is packaging its chocolates in purple too which (Cadbury's believes) mislead Cadbury's customers to buy Darrell Lea's chocolates instead.

I've studied marketing in my university years and this false perception created by using this simple tactic can work wonders for the market. However, if I am a loyal fan of Cadbury's (which I'm totally not), I would only buy their chocolates no matter what packaging it comes in!

And the outcome of the court case was Cadbury does not own the colour purple. So anyone is entitled to use it. I support the judge's stand. Who gives any company the exclusive rights to use a certain colour? If the court ruled in favour of Cadbury, we will see the whole world of colours taken up by all the big companies. So what colour packaging can small companies use then? Even us the consumers will be scared to use any colours for fear of landing ourselves a court case! Do you support Cadbury's stand?

Are consumers simply purchasing products based on packaging alone? Can faith in particular products lead us to blindly purchase any other products that are of similar packaging? This must be true to a certain extent as we witness countless less known products copying the packaging of famous brands. Is our subconscious affecting our consumer behaviour more than we think it does? Well this latest Science article has the answer!

This is the article for further reading about the Cadbury's case!


Matt said...

I like Cadbury's chocolate but I think too many big companies only care about making more money and keeping the competition out of their patch. About time a judge ruled against these types of case.

DineometerDeb said...

What is that in your photo? I can't really tell.

Delicious looking ad you have today ; )

SheR. said...

>> Hi Matt. My sentiments exactly! What will the world do without budding small companies and only left with huge money making machines?

>>Oh Deb, it's just a packet of Tea. We packaged it this way in Singapore. It's convenient and cheap!

What ad??

DineometerDeb said...

hAh! Tea packaging. Now I see.

I was referring to my own ad that you were displaying at the time ; )

SheR. said...

Oh Deb... you fooled me there!?