Green Advertising

Has it hit you yet? They are on boxes and displayed prominently on supermarket aisles. Every company is trying its effort on displaying a green logo. Sure.. going green is the latest thing to do but it certainly has caused a lot of tension in the market. Here is the article for further reading.

If you have not heard of this, it's the new term - Green washing. When a company creates a misleading pro-environmental image, selling its product as though it is "Green" is termed as Green Washing.

As more and more consumers are concerned about the impact of their purchases, crafty marketeers are turning to Green Advertising to gain a bigger market share. Thus, even though some of them may be fake, they will still witness an increase in sales.

Read more about green advertising in this article.

There are efforts underway by organisations such as Federal Trade Commission to regulate those "Green" claims. Here are certain guidelines listed by FTC.

Do you as consumers believe the claims by companies on how "green" they are?

Personally, I will not buy any products if those claims are proved to be fake. If they can fool us with marketing gimmicks like this, heaven knows what else the companies can do. Consumers like us should be given more information instead of waiting for some scientists to tell us that the latest claim in the market is not substantiated and is just another advertising trick.


BK said...

Call me naive or gullible, but if they said it is green, then I would believe it. I tend to want to believe in the goodness of people that they wouldn't be lying.

SheR. said...

I do not believe entirely cos I know how sly those people are.
But I know where you're coming from. And I bet most of the consumers do too. That's how those irresponsible companies use Green Washing to fool the consumers and boost their sales!