Green Beer!

Everybody's going GREEN even the brewers. With the issue of sustainability hitting the brewing industry, breweries have to look into methods on environmentally friendly production.

Climate changes pose a huge problem for the industry. So is water use in dry areas as brewer's grains are traditionally thirsty crops.

Of course the main pressure for greener products comes from us, the consumers. We are forcing the whole industry to voluntarily cut down on energy use and carbon emissions.

This is of course a big welcome for environmentally conscious individuals. Let's strive towards a greener tomorrow! Cheers!!!

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BK said...

It is good to be a little environmental conscious. Do you still remember the weather in Singapore like 10-20 years ago?

During this time, it was supposed to be very hot and sometimes it would not rain for 1-2 weeks. And around July onwards, the weather will start to be cooler until the really cool and rainy weather in November - February. Weather back then was more predictable. However, nowadays, you can't really be sure.

Whether it is due to global warming or not, I rather not question or wait to find out from results from researches. I rather start to take baby steps to do my part for our environment.

SheR. said...

Yes BK. We remember those beautiful summer like weather. Nothing more than 30 degrees most of the time. And now each time I stepped out of Changi I'm burning!!!

We should all start to do our little part. Don't wait!!