Green Packaging!

Should we replace packaging for this bread?

Hooray for NatureFlex, a new biodegradable packaging material designed for covering confectionery products. There is an increase in demand for this product on the market as more companies are getting environment conscious. Or is it due to consumer demand?

The dear old supermarkets like Sainbury's and Tesco's are forced to buy more of this product as we the consumers get more environment conscious. We still want to keep the packaging on our food but we do not want to deal with the environmental cost of all these unnecessary packaging.

Read this article to learn more about this material.

I sure hope there will be increased use of more biodegradable material. But my concern is the increase in cost of our food products because the cost of packaging is passed on to the consumers. Why should we encourage the use of NatureFlex if the very reason for packaging those food products that we purchase are totally redundant?


DineometerDeb said...

I hope that green packaging increases. It's so much better for the earth and its not really practical to resuse plastics. I think if it becomes a common practice, the price will go down for biodegradable packaging.

uncommon said...

"my concern is the increase in cost of our food products"


With food costs rocketing, there are going to be some changes afoot. Packaging, despite being criticised roundly from every source is still increasing horribly.

I suspect some changes will be forced upon us fairly soon, it surely can't stay the way it is.


SheR. said...

>>Dineometer. I am not sure about the prices going down. But I would really see something changing in the use of plastics everywhere!!!

>>Brendan. I would hate to see that. But you know market forces are at work most of the time. And we all know those manufacturers just want to make money. So we just have to hope our salaries increased too! :P