Hum - the smallest town in the world

Polača Town Palace.

One of our most recent trips around Istria. Hum is not exactly tiny. However its history is intertwined with that of Croatian language. Yes, we are talking about the the first Croatian alphabets - Glagolitic alphabets. It has nothing to do with those that we used in any known language. In Hum town and the surrounding regions, Glagolitic was used. You can find many monuments of the alphabets scattered on a clearing at the side of the road. Or stone carvings on your way around this town.

Part of New Copper Doors built in 1981.

Where exactly is Hum? If you look at the map of Hum, it is located at the "heart" of Istria peninsular, some 14km from grad Buzet (refer to my previous posts). Driving from Rijeka, we had to pass through Tunel Učka and headed for Roć. From there, we took a narrow road on our left when we saw the sign to Hum. It was quite a long drive all the way uphill (about half an hour) to reach Hum. But the whole trip was so rewarding.

Learning the history about Hum and admiring all the architecture from way back in the Middle Ages 11th Century.

The courtyard of the Town Palace (11th -12th Century).

A small town with a BIG history. Hum is such a beauty.

Charming antiquated ornaments.

Read more about HUM online, click here.

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