In my dreams

Do you dream about food? I do. And as I mentioned in one of my comments, I get all excited conjuring up the menu of breakfast or lunch the next day.

Sometimes I do feel really hungry thinking of all the food that my stomach couldn't stop rumbling in my sleep!!! Talking about the bad habit of a foodie!!

Sharing another strange food habits with you, I do not say I have the most acute senses in the world. But when I think about a certain dish, I seem to be able to taste the dish and my tastebuds start getting excited. And sometimes, I can even smell the dish! Brains are such strange machines! And mine seems to remember all the food memories!

What about you? If you are foodie, do you dream of food? It will be interesting to learn about how your food memories differ from mine.


Syari said...

Sher, with all those good food you can cook and even dreaming of them when you sleep, I just wonder how you can keep yourself tiny and slim.

Do you drool too when you dream of food? LOL Just had to ask that... LOL

BK said...

Ever heard of the VAK? Which stands for Visual, Audio and Kinestatic (not sure if I spelt it correctly). Seem that you are more of a latter, which is more influenced by experience and feel.

Dream about food? Come to think of it. I never dreamt of food before :)

SheR. said...

>> Syari, I work hard. That's why I'm not fat! :P And my genes play a major part too. I drool a lot in sleep maybe it was a wonderful dream... perhaps?

>>BK. That makes me special! Hahaha Hypersensitive!!1 :D