Indian Herb and Hydrogel

Straight from the article published in Food Hydrocolloids:

A well-known Indian herbal Genipin (obtained from Gardenia jasmindides Ellis) can be treated with agar-agar and kappa-carrageenan to produce a Hydrogel.

Just a piece of interesting news. Does anyone know which herb is it? Probably the knowledgeable Sangeeta might have the answer.

What is Hydrogel? Check this wikipedia link. According to wiki, natural hydrogel are being researched for tissue engineering. Oh and don't forget it's main purpose - breast implants!

That is indeed something that I didn't know about my gels. The first thought of agar-agar or carrageenan reminds me of fruit jellies! Well at least we know all natural products are useful not just in confectionery, hur?

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