Introducing - Red Bull Cola

Wonder if you've seen them in the market yet? Would appreciate if you could capture a picture of Red Bull cola and show it to us.

Red Bull has decided to beat Coca Cola at the game in their backyard. Red Bull is marketing its cola as a natural alternative, claiming it contains all natural ingredients such as cola nut and cocoa leaf.

Will this set to be another new business opportunity once it's launched? Or will it flop like so many colas out there? Hopefully Red Bull brand can lend wings to its cola then!

Here's the article link for further reading if you are interested.


Jasmine Shanea said...

I've never liked Red Bull cos it taste like cough medicine plus it never works on me. Similar to coffee and tea when I take them I just go to sleep rather than stay awake. Don't think I'll try Red Bull Cola nor Coke Zero. Enough of Coke variations already. it's just sugar, water and a tweek here and there. Sheesh. :) You can sense my disdain for pop. hahah.

SheR. said...

Oh hooray for you! Soft drinks are bad. I'm still weaning myself from Coca Cola.

I can't stay away from coffees.. ahs..

C K said...

Saw a car with a huge Red Bull cola strapped behind it (an advert gimmick) in Angel, London today.

Not a fan of Red Bull. Thought that they taste like cough mixture...

SheR. said...

I don't like Red Bull too.

Wonder how their Cola tastes like? More cough syrup.

piebuko said...

Me too.
I don't really like Red Bull; although, there was this period in my life when i forced myself to drink bottles of it.
I wonder what the cola would taste like. If it is healthy, I doubt if it would taste good. hehe

SheR. said...

Maybe it can be healthy and tastes good? I'm absolutely in love with healthy foods now! Cereal with chocolate.. not exactly healthy but hey.. it beats me munching through a bag of crisps when I have a craving! :)

BK said...

Red Bull Cola? Don't think I want to try that. Only tasted Red Bull like only once or twice so far in my life. I think I still prefer water to any other kind of drinks. Though tea is good too : )

SheR. said...

And coffee!!!!
I might be seeing Red Bull cola pretty soon as they have plans to launch the product in this region first. Austria being the base.

Anonymous said...

It's already on sale here in Ireland. It's actually really good. The can looks too much like Red Bull though (it's got a bit more red and blue and "simply COLA" in thin letters underneath a huge "Red Bull"), many people who don't like red bull will probably skip it and not realise how different it is to red bull and perhaps more importantly coca-cola and pepsi.

First and foremost, no added phosphoric acid, so it tastes quite different, and it doesn't leavy your teeth feeling icky like coca-cola (that's actually the acid in coke attacking your teeth!). Also not actually very sweet, and quite a complex taste, almost smoky, but smooth. It tastes a little more like Jolt, or some penny-jelly "cola bottle" sweets. You wouldn't mistake it for anything else, but you'd still recognise it as a "cola."

It's my new favorite, with Jolt demoted to second (though I suspect I'd love "fentiman's curious cola" if I ever found it).

I doubt it is actually good for you though (while I said it wasn't sweet, it's just not _as_ sweet, it's still got about 9g sugar per 100ml)
Here are the ingredients from the back of the can - quite interesting - has actual Coca leaf and Kola nut in it (cool!), as well as... Pine ?! Mustard ?!!

Water; Sugar; Carbon Dioxide; Caramel Sugar Syrup; Natural Flabourings from Plant Extracts (0.37%): Galangal, Vanilla, Mustard Seeds, Caffeine from Coffe Beans (0.013%), Lime, Kola Nut, Cocoa, Liquorice, Cinnamon, Lemon, Ginger, Coca Leaf, Orange, Corn Mint, Pine, Cardamom, Mace, Clove; Lemon Juice Concentrate.

SheR. said...

Wow! Thanks for listing all the ingredients!! It seems to me it doesn't actually taste like Cola at all!
I see galangal in there!! There's a strange addition for cola. Hm.. need to try it out myself!

Thanks a lot again!