It's May 1st holiday!

Writing a pre-holiday post. I've been pretty slack lately at writing because I hope to encourage more comments on a single post rather than churning out 3 a day and no comments on some. Do feedback to me if you want me to publish more articles per day instead of the current 1 a day.

Well.. just did my round of entrecard dropping. It helps with traffic and besides I get to visit everyone else's who have kindly popped by my humble blog even if it was for a second. Thanks.. you know who you are!

Back to the topic, we are happy that it's another day off which means time for feasting! Have been baking pretty furiously lately... breads, cakes, muffins. And of course lots of cooking. Hosted a couple of mates recently and attended another mate's post-birthday party over the weekend. All I conclude from those two events is, we need more variety in the food!! I'm so sick of staring at plates of sausages, meat and cheese playing dead on the table. After 2 bottles of beers, I really appreciate something else to munch on.

Ah.. first thought will be to serve SALAD! No no.. meat eaters hate that. They are not called meat lovers for nothing. When a bowl of salad is tossed out, the poor lettuce usually ends up being neglected and wilted under the constant attack of the vinegar in the bowl.

What I love to suggest to anyone with a meat diet is, try including some vegetables in the cooking. You'll be amazed how a few carrots (nicely diced) or tomatoes can add flavours to your stew or roast without the need to alter your dish too much. Yes I know there are still haters of vegetables amongst the meat eaters but at least it helps to introduce the taste of vegetables to them. I have successfully changed two meat eaters' diets by including carrots, mushrooms, and tomatoes in a few dishes.

Next, we can work on those breads. I love experimenting with my breads. Introducing different ingredients into a bread really adds a variety of taste to the plain toast. My mum loves the addition of peppers (paprika) to my breads. It lends a savoury taste to her morning toast. I do not like peppers myself but when they are chopped and baked in the bread, I can happily munch through a whole loaf of peppers bread. You can see my recipe here.

Don't forget the awesome desserts! I'm still planning what to bake for tomorrow.

All right enough with the long post. Do have fun feasting on May 1st. Don't drink too much. Your boss will know that you have a hangover if you called in sick on Friday!


Syari said...

Sure great to have somebody who knows how to cook around baking fresh bread everyday. I have never tasted a pepper bread. I'm not a bread eater. My husband is. ;D

Here holiday on friday since Hungarians worked on last saturday to exchange.So they can drink all they want! LOL

piebuko said...

Sher, what's the holiday?

Jasmine Shanea said...

Omg, it looks really yummy. Haha.. I'm glad you had a great meal and a great holiday. I spent my whole May 1st working. Sigh... hope you are cooking up more great food in this coming weekend! :)

C K said...

Huh? I didn't even know that 1st May is time to feast. It's not even a public holiday in the UK. But hey, we get the following Mon off (a long weekend) and that's even better yah?

Well, get more carbo. You need it! lol


SheR. said...

>> Syari. Wow! It'll be great to have a long weekend instead of this in between holiday that we're getting over here in Croatia!

Oh! I love breads. ;)

>> Piebuko..1st of May is Labour Day. Most countries have this day off! Isn't it in PH?

>> Jasmine dear.. we ate so much today. Just back from a big feast! Yikes! No more feasts this weekend!!!

>>CK. Any day off is time to feast ;) Isn't it? Wah.. Monday off instead. That's great too! No Monday blues!

Yes I need some fats!

DineometerDeb said...

We don't have off for May 1st. Is that one set of chopsticks in the picture?

The_Sphinx's World said...

hi sher,

still waiting for more "no oven" recipes. more please!

SheR. said...

>>Dineometer.. there's more than one set of chopsticks in the picture!

Why didn't you get any day off then?

>> Hiya Sphinx.. I can't make any new stuff... no fridge :(

BK said...

Pepper bread? Trying to imagine how it tastes. Can you send me some? May 1 - no feasting over here, but I have my favorite Muddy Mud Pie from Coffee Club.

SheR. said...

Wah Mud Pie.. need to make that soon!! Craving for it. Especially the NYDC mud pie.. mmm...

Sure.. take I'll forward some bread to you!