More soy in teens protects against cancer!

Steamed soy beans. A Japanese favourite!

I sure hope this is true. My mum has been buying packets of Soya milk for us every morning for breakfast ever since I was little. I like the taste of soya beans cooking in soups. But I seriously hate drinking soya milk. It gives been so much wind. I feel so bloated each time I drink it.

Soya and all the soya products are all the rage in the health food market right now. And it doesn't surprise me too much. It has been part of my chinese diet for ages. Soya sauce, soya milk, soya beans are common in our kitchen. My mum always encourage the consumption of soya. Telling me it's good for many reasons that I can never seem to remember. Now probably some scientists will tell me about all the benefits of soy which I have heard from my mum when I was growing up.

So I always have a belief, old wives tales passed down from generations probably have scientific logic somewhere waiting to be discovered. Listen to your mother when she tells you to eat your greens!

Here's an article link for more scientific proof of the health benefits of Soy!


BK said...

Soy bean milk with 'you tiao'? Frankly speaking, I never like the idea of soaking 'you tiao' in soy bean milk. But 'you tiao' in porridge ... that is different story.

For those of you wondering what I am talking about, 'You tiao' is actually a type of food (or do you call it a type of food?) made of flour and into a shape like a pair of chopstick. In the case of the 'you tiao,' they are bind together. Not a too healthy foodstuff but once in a while : )

SheR. said...

Yikes. Stop suggesting adding a super oily You Tiao to Soy milk!
Fried dough sticks we should call it. Very sinful.. but excellent with congee. Yummy!!1