Natural antioxidant in Olives


Olives might help to keep your fish fresh longer. Scientists found that the Hydroxytyrosol in olives may extend the shelf life of fish products to the same extent as synthetic preservatives according to the new research. Read this article here.

This polyphenol is the main antioxidant compound in olives. Previous research demonstrates that the LDL or 'bad' cholesterol levels could be cut substantially after consuming just 25 millilitres of virgin olive oil daily for one week.

Olive Oil has indeed been widely used all over the world especially in Mediterranean region. No salad is complete without this wonder oil. I have switched from compound fats to olive oil in my bread making. Not only does it makes my pizza dough tastes more authentic, it lends a nice scent to all my breads too.

In the kitchen, olive oil is indispensable in italian food. It just doesn't taste right without it. I personally love basil-infused olive oil for the lovely flavour in my pasta sauce. Infusion usually involves straining the oil 7 times to achieve the optimal herb-infused olive oil to be used for many occasions.

Drizzle a generous amount over sliced bread. Sprinkle with Sea Salt and crushed black pepper. Bake these breads in an oven till nice and crispy. And there you have a posh looking croutons for your soup.

What is "Extra Virgin" Olive Oil? It means that this olive oil is the first press from olives. And the colour of the oil is usually a rich dark green. The scent is of course the strongest. But do remember in a cake recipe, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is usually not recommended unless otherwise stated as the flavour of the olives will be too overpowering in most recipes.

Have fun trying out different recipes with Olive Oil. I reckon it is the most essential item in any kitchen!


C K said...

I read from somewhere that olive oil should not be used for high temperature cooking. Was wondering whether there's any truth in that?

SheR. said...

Yes it's true. It's all about the smoking point of different types of oil. But then again, there are other studies that state otherwise. So I'm not too sure who to listen to. I'll dig up some articles about oils for you! ;)

BK said...

I saw that Garoupa first! Olive oil ... I have not tried this much but when you were saying olive oil is indispensable in italian food, I sort of think about pasta. I am having a new hobby of making pasta and right now I am thinking how can I use olive oil to make my pasta tastes better?

SheR. said...

Yeah.. we caught it BK. No more! :P

Wah.. make more pasta and share with moi, yeah? Thanks :)