Natural Trans Fats may not all be bad?!

Do you see Cakes or Fats?

First they scare us with the all notion of Trans fats. Now they are telling us that natural Trans fats are actually good for us. I'm not sure who to listen anymore. I'm sticking to my favourite trans fats - Butter!!!

What is Trans Fats? Wikipedia defines it as

Trans fat is the common name for a type of unsaturated fats with trans-isomer fatty acid(s).

What is all the hoo-ha about Trans Fats? Consuming Trans Fats increases risk of coronary heart disease; raising LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and lowering HDL (good) cholesterol levels.

Just like everyone else, I'm scared by all the talk about Fats and all types of it. First they separated them into so many categories: Mono, Saturated, Unsaturated. And then they have to add the most evil of all on the list - Trans Fats.

Recalling few years back when the whole against Trans Fats campaign started in Europe. The company that was hit the worst is probably Crisco which produces the famous "White Fats" or solid vegetable fats.

Remember how long Crisco enjoyed the fame of producing "healthier" fats (as opposed to animal fats) back in 1900s. Back then, everyone started to use hydrogenated vegetable fats when animal fats was the big "No-no". These new fats can stay solid at room temperature and yet it's a wonderful compound fats (100% fats) for the baking industry. It increases the shelf life of many products including our favourite pound cakes sold in supermarkets.

Now our backs are turned against Crisco and I can even imagine Trans Fats fanatics tearing down the factories. Well.. that's all an imagination.

Good Trans Fats? Read this!

So I guess with all the new dietary recommendations coming up daily, we should take our stand after accessing all the information we have. Well.. we only lived once. Choose a healthier life or enjoy a more delicious life?


piebuko said...


With all the different information that's coming out. One minute one thing is good, the next it's bad. I wonder why we are even alive, huh?


uncommon said...


You are a seriously busy brain. I'm kinda active meself: but you are forever asking really difficult questions that require some thought.

I'm okay with it, but your brain must be going at it like a super hadron collider all the time.

I'm not moaning: I like a challenge, but hen: you are really bright, its really hard to keep up.

Do you bounce off the walls, for practice?:)

Hey, I appreciate you: its just hard to keep up: I'm an old dog:)


SheR. said...

>>Piebuko. Let's just forget those info and eat whatever we want! :P But in moderation!

>>Hello Brendan. It's Sherene. :P
Ha! I'm a very bored person. With too many ideas in my head half the time. Not many can keep up! Just give me a cup of coffee and I will rattling on about energy conservation in cars. Trust me, I don't do drugs. I'm active enough on my own! Ha:) All right. Take your time. There's no hurry. Appreciate your comments everyday! But I must still post new posts everyday for your reading pleasure ;)