Reformulation of Soy Milk?!

All right I don't find this the least bit appetising.. Not sure if they are available in any market yet but I'm sure I won't be the one to try it out.

What's the latest idea for introducing soy milk to the consumers? Add Chocolate (that's all right) and Peanut (?!). I don't know what they are thinking.. seriously. Here's the article.

I seem to have this impression that anything some westerners tried to copy an asian recipe, they used Peanut butter?! No offence. Can anyone tell me what's this obsession with Peanut Butter? And by the way, we Asians don't use Peanut Butter for any sauce or gravy bases in our recipes.

All right go on shoot me!


Lotus Flower said...

My youngest, a boy was lactose intolerant when he was a baby and his pedia prescribed a soy-based milk formula. I am not sure of the brand though. What I remember is, it was way too expensive. Tried to supplement it with Am. I am not sure if you're familiar since I think you're not yet a mom. But hey, your time will come, I mean becoming a mom. Cheers!

SheR. said...

Oh my...I never thought soy-based milk formula will be that expensive. But I believe having a baby requires a lot of money!!!
Me personally... soy milk intolerant if there's such a thing. My stomach refuses to accept it!