Too much Salt in your diet?

Homemade Lasagna (everything from scratch).

Delia rapped for introducing diets high in salt in her new book and series - How To Cheat At Cooking. She recommends using ready made meals which Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash) deems to be higher than the recommended intake for salt. Here is the article link.

That brings me to the point about watching one's daily salt intake. We all know why too much salt in our diets can lead to hypertension. In my family, we are absolutely stingy with the use of salt due to health reasons. My family has medical history of hypertension (goes all the way up the family tree).

Let me share some secrets on how to cut down the sodium chloride intake:

  • Develop a more acute sense of taste. When you start cutting down on the saltiness on each dish, you will start to discover the subtle flavour of your food.
  • Replace with alternative salts. But if you have special dietary needs, please consult a doctor before you do a switch as potassium chloride may not be recommended for you.
  • Use Sea Salt. Yeah.. looks really posh on your dish.

All right maybe you can't really call them tips. It really takes time to adjust one's diet. I find it easier to start from young. It's not that tough for me to switch my diet now since my tastebuds hate extreme flavours now.

That is also another interesting point that struck me sometime ago. When I started to preach to certain mates about low sodium diet, they cite me examples of their grans who have been cooking with handfuls of salt in each dish. And all of them live to ripe of age. That made me wonder, this high sodium diet might not be bad for everyone. So does it mean diet and nutrition has to be catered on a case-by-case basis? Do enlighten me.

Hm.. ran out of time to discuss ready made meals. Look out for my next post.


Sangeeta Sinha said...

I love Lasagna and the very picture is making my mouth water. Yummy......... I normally make this during the winter months. My husband did not at first like it but then he got used to it. Indians have such developed taste for curry powders and chilli that food like lasagna takes time to psychologically digest.

About the salt part, I am very stingy with salt. I make sure that we three in the house have less salt in the food. I don't allow extra addition while eating. But, as you say, the food tastes different and at least, you get the feel of real taste in veg/non-veg which is cooked.

uncommon said...


When I was about 25 (long years ago) my lady of the time, had a problem with salt. It showed up in her with a much faster heart rate and tinnitus.

There was a lot of salt around then, for all sorts of reasons, but the processed food thing was just getting going and salt was everywhere, in everything.

She had to drastically reduce: so we did, 'cos I did all the cooking at the time.

It was a bit bland for about a week, and then after that it got okay. I've always resisted too much processed, and made up food, so it wasn't too hard for me.

Around three months into the kick: we went out to a pub and I had a bag of crisps (chips) and my mouth was SHOCKED at how bitter the salty potato things tasted. My mouth hurt and I couldn't eat more than one or two.

That taught me a big lesson: and I know now how to avoid the big traps.

You can get used to salt and it ain't the big flavour thing, not really. I don't really like to be drinking fluids like a maniac after food because the thing is filled with salt.

I have to admit: the kinda stuff Amelia eats is making me crazy now and again, I really do want to try that stuff:)

I'd love to see a few of your finished dishes, por favor Senora.


SheR. said...

>>Sangeeta. My fiance absolutely loves lasagna. And I being the chef at home insists on making everything myself. Except the pasta. So a lot of work.

Yes when time goes by, my bottle of salt never get used for months. Just standing there looking lonely while the rest of my sauces get used and replaced!

I'm making changes to my fiance's diet. Less salt and fats. He has to eat whatever I cook so it's great! :)

SheR. said...

Yes after sometime, your tastebuds just can't get used to any excess salt! My tongue goes numb each time there's too much salt or sugar in anything. And I felt sick when there's too much fats in any food. So healthy diet comes from training one's tongue to get used to it!

What crazy stuff was Amelia eating???

Hee.. I don't post my dishes on blog. Only cakes at the moment. I'm a perfectionist. Only nice looking ones are allowed.

I do have some pics of my plated desserts from my restaurant kitchen but really blur.

curiousfoodie said...

Mmmm I love anything salty man! Haha I have my moods.

Haha crazy stuff Amelia is eating or crazy stuff all Singaporeans are eating? :P

Btw dear, brendan would be having a medical procedure on his knee on Monday. He said he'll likely be doped up and out of it for a few days. He'll catch up with us after that! :)

SheR. said...

Hahaha Amelia. No probs.
I am typical Singaporean too! I lvoe Durians, chicken rice, carrot cake, frog legs, chilli crabs!!!!

Poor ol' Brendan. :P