We are what we eat

Eating local produce. Straight from the ground!

We've heard about Carbon footprints and Food Miles. If not, here's a short introduction. The term "Food Miles" refers to the distance of the food we purchase from the farmer to us (in the supermarket or grocery store).

The recent rage of environmental concerns over Food Miles have seen a shift towards the attitude of eating locally. We see more environmentally-conscious individuals purchasing foods that are produced locally instead of being imported from other countries.

However, according to Carnegie Mellon researchers Christopher L. Weber and H. Scott Matthews argue in an upcoming article in Environmental Science & Technology journal, Dietary choice and not Food miles play a more important role in reducing our food-related environmental impact.

They estimate that shifting to an entirely local diet would reduce the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions as driving 1,000 miles, while changing only one day per week's meat and dairy-based calories to chicken, fish, or vegetables would have about the same impact.

For interested readers, here is the link for further reading.

I am an advocate of "eating local". I believe foods that "travel less" taste the best. If we were to be absolutely environmentally friendly, I suggest we should turn to Vegan diet. That way, we keep the impact to minimal. But then, we wouldn't want to sacrifice good food. Environment or Good Food? It's a tough choice. What do you think?


piebuko said...

I know how much u love ur mom. so I don't think you'd mind I tagged you for a mother's day meme.

Please check it out. :)

Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

If there is a possibility at all for us to plant what we can eat, I think that would be the perfect arrangement.

We can be healthy by just eating a balanced meal every opportunity... Fresh fruits in season preferably, veggies and herbs from the backyard or from planted pots, taking meat and fish sparingly. It can be done.

Healthy is a good mantra:-)

Have a good day!


SheR. said...

>>Piebuko! Thanks! :)

>>Lotus Flower. I'm starting to grow my own herbs!!! Hopefully more will come soon!!!
I love fish. But not meat. I hope to stop eating meat totally.

C K said...

With the advent of supermarkets, local stores cannot really compete with them on pricing and variety.

There was a report in the UK that exposed the manner in which supermarts like Tesco consolidated their purchases in a centrally located area before redistributing them again. That means larger carbon footprint but more profit to the company.

Unless there's an appropriate price tag to carbon footprint, I don't think people will start to eat local anytime soon.

SheR. said...

Oh well..That's why I'm reducing mine by growing my own herbs! Hopefully! And shop local too. Those supermarket fruits and vegetables look too perfect!!