Weight loss and Fruits

In the latest research, scientists have found that the increase in fruits and vegetables intake can help to increase weight loss in overweight adults.

This doesn't seem to be a new discovery for me. We've heard about how eating more vegetables helps to combat obesity. So I really wonder why is there a need to channel research to focus on this particular area again. Well.. probably they are just trying to tell you which vitamins in the fruits and vegetables help in weight loss.

Anyway, you've heard it from me first. Here's the article for you!


BK said...

So that someone get to spend the extra money? Just kidding. Probably they want to find out the extent of the effect of fruits and vegetables on weight loss. And maybe they can have an exact way to help people to lose that extra pounds.

SheR. said...

Well.. hope so. Been reading some news about Selective Science where scientists only select certain fields of research that can benefit the market.