Wine waste and Ice Cream

Thought this is an interesting news to share. Apparently the residual sediment at the bottom of each wine barrel after the winemaking process, known as Wine lees, can slow the melting time of ice cream! On top of that, the antioxidant level increases in the ice cream too!

Hooray! Does that mean our future ice creams will taste like wine? Can't wait for it to be n the market. And with all the antioxidants in there, it makes eating ice cream a little less sinful!

However, I do hope manufacturers have to consider one factor before they decide to put this new material into our ice cream. Since Wine lees are alcohol-based (pun intended), the ice cream will then not be Halal certified anymore. That means losing a hold in the huge Muslim market. To add or not to add? That is not my problem!

All right, here's the link to the article.

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