Artificial sweetener not effective for weight control

Have you been including artificial sweeteners as part of your weight control diet? Then you need to read on...

Featured in Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), the author - Tracy Hampton, Phd summed up the recent research in the effectiveness of artificial sweeteners in weight control.

She mentioned in certain studies, the sweeteners could actually increase one's appetite for sweet foods and thus prompts over-eating.

Read this article about the various studies quoted.


uncommon said...


Do you regard Crystal Lite as an artificial sweetener?


C K said...

I never trust those Splenda. Something that sweetens without sugar is like having the perk without the caffeine, saltiness without salt... totally wrong.

SheR. said...

>> Hello Brendan!
I did a google on Crystal Light and I found this:

"Crystal Light is usually sweetened with aspartame, but the newer prepared beverages are now sweetened with sucralose."

According to Wikipedia, both Aspartame and Sucralose (E955) are artificial sweeteners.

Anything that is sweetened with chemicals are artificial!

SheR. said...

>>CK. I totally agree with you!

I can't stand sweeteners in anything. From Diet Coke to Vitamins supplements!!

They have an extremely metallic aftertaste! And makes my tongue go numb!!!

Stick to natural brown sugars like demerara or muscovado. OR even Honey!

I like my stuff natural!!