Chocolate Marquise!!!

I found this nice little recipe on BBC food. So I thought some of you might want to try this out.

I tried to do a little research on Chocolate Marquise. Googling it brought up results of recipes from different sources. All of them suggesting a rich smooth chocolatey ganache to be eaten from pots or slices depending on the type of container that you chill them in. No gelatine is required. Just the plain ol' egg yolks and cream. Sound pretty delicious to me! Although certain recipes require the boiling of sugar, this one is easier for most of us who simply want to eat a chocolate dessert.

It's pretty easy to add twists to this recipe. Some suggestions that you might find: Chopped Pistachios, Raspberries, Cherries dipped in Chocolate, Maraschino Cherry.

Try this recipe out and surprise your guests with this simple but elegant dessert!


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

I came here for the food. I have just arrived from a 15 hour road trip and ate only during stopovers at small diners.

I have also been exhausted by the many tragic stories in China's earthquake tragedies where parents of only children hardly find the motivation to eat anything.

I'm looking forward to seeing great food and imagining its aroma and heavenly taste, and I was NOT disappointed. Thanks for a great eat. :-)--Durano, done!

SheR. said...

Oh Durano. Hope you are putting up at somewhere nice else you can bunk over at ours. :)

I have all the meals prepared for you today. So just give me a shout when you are hungry!

Sigh.. to all the poor people in Szechuan. I pray that everything will be better.

BK said...

That seems like a lot of work. LOL! I still prefer easier recipe.

SheR. said...

BK!!! Come on this recipe is easy enough! :)