Cooking without Pepper

I am a Pepper Lover. Not bell peppers but Black and White Pepper. A dash of either one in all my dishes is a must especially in soups. Simply tasty and spices things up! Probably due to the fact that I come from the tiny city-state down in the Southeastern part of Asia that makes me crave for all things spicy.

However, since I met my fiance, I had to make adjustments to all my cooking. He has a Pepper allergy. Not as in the usual swollen glands like me and my seafood allergies but his face would swell up and he will perspire non stop.

So I gave up my pepper although I have my pepper pot sitting on the dining table all the time. I do still add a dash or 5 when I eat but not when I cook. It's hard to eat anything without beloved Pepper but for my loved one.. I will give it up.

Have you ever given up any of your favourite food because someone around you is allergic to it? Do share your stories.


Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

My response to your gelatine plus eggs question is in my post now.
Maybe I should have cut and pasted it here arrghh

Allergies? I am allergic to too much wine. A glass would turn my face red. It used to be that when I was in my last year in the university, a cocktail would make me itch all over and make my face swollen.

I guess my body had adjusted. I don't get the itch anymore but the somewhat swollen face is still around:-(

That is why I can say Cheers now.

Good morning.

The_Sphinx's World said...

Although it is a little hard, we sometimes let go of things that we like. My third son is very allergic to fresh pineapple and mango, I think the juice itself gives him the allergy because if the fruits are preserved, no rashes occur. So I put bananas and other fruits on the table instead.

C K said...

Wife and I are pepper lovers as well! Things just taste abit lacking if pepper is absent.

Instant noodles? Scramble eggs? Fried rice? All can do better with a dash of pepper.

Luckily, we have not yet found any food that we're allergic to. lol.

SheR. said...

>> Lotus Flower. Good Saturday to you! :)

Oh I have a mate who is allergic to all alcohol. We tried to make her drink more wine in hope that it'll go away but when we saw the poor girl suffering from rashes.. we had to stop!

Hope your allergy gets better overtime!


SheR. said...

>> Sphinx. Hi to you!

Yes. We have to give up things for our loved ones. That's what love is about isn't it?

Do watch out if his allergy gets any more serious overtime. Like more symptoms when he consumes the fruits. And do bring him to doc's for a prick test if it does!

Take care!

SheR. said...

>> CK. Hiya!
Oh. I'm so craving for Bak Kut Teh! I love it with tons of pepper in there!!! And pig's stomach soup too. Mmmmm..

Pepper pepper little miracle spice! How so lovely and nice!
All must add a dash to your life! :P

Jack said...

My wife has always had a "delicate" sense of taste, but her recent medical condition has exacerbated her sensitivity to spices, including black pepper, causing severe distress and acid reflux.

Like you I love pepper, and other spices that allow my food to "bite back". I am learning to cook without pepper but add it to my serving. As you note, it does leave something lacking....

I have been unable to find many seasonings that can be substituted to add additional flavor to many of the foods we cook.

SheR. said...

Hi Jack. Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment.

Hm.. It takes one to understand another hur? Well yes, peppers just give us the oomph in most dishes. Work up a sweat but it just help to fuel the little flame in my belly especially in this cold weather!

Of course this sensation is irreplaceable. It is not a taste but a bodily reaction which varies from person to person.

I found that equipping yourself with a pepper pot during mealtimes do help me satisfy this craving for spices! Good luck!