Food for the Homesick

Hor Fun!! Oh.. when will I see you again?

It's been quite a while since I relocated to Croatia. Of course, I get terribly homesick most of the time. My family and mates. The sights and the smell of home. But what I really missed about my homeland Singapore is all the FOOD!!! Yes! I mean it in CAPS! FOOD!

If you are a foodie and never been to Singapore, you are definitely missing out. We don't boast to have cultural heritage of making any of the world's famous cuisines: Chinese, Italian, French and Indian. But we have the widest range of food in a tiny island barely making 700 square kilometres.

Not only do we have every cuisine you can dream up of under one roof, we have our own cuisine that reflect the diverse and mixed heritage of most Singaporeans. Singapore food is a mixture of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian influences! Spicy is the key! Just like our hot hot weather!

Enough ranting about how much I miss Singapore food, I watch with dismay as my food supplies for making Singapore food dwindling in my kitchen. I really wish there's an Asian food centre or something close to it here in Croatia!!

All right.. I decided to treat myself today with Sambal Ikan Bilis (making my own Sambal) and Nasi Lemak tomorrow!! My mouth is watering with the thought!

Have you or are you in the same situation as me? Missing your home and the food? Do share..it makes missing home much better.


Julya Lim said...

SheR, I always wanted to go Singapore! I think it was Anthony Bourdain in an interview on tv I once saw who LOVES the cuisine in Singapore because they have everything, and I love Anthony Bourdain! I once met him at the airport in new york and got his autograph! :)

Anyway, I love your blogs. It always seems like I visit your blog at lunch time too. I hungry now!

Thank you for your posts!

uncommon said...


Er: if its not too rude, ma'am: if that picture is you, you are a very nice looking lady (we brits are used to understatement):)

"Have you or are you in the same situation as me?"

I was born in Ireland, and the food is nothing to feel nostalgic for, mere fuel. England is the same, but if possible worse, stodge, stodge and more stodge.

I used to miss Spring in the UK, I loved the plants and animals coming to life after the cold winter, but other than that: moving to Atlanta has been a bonus of eye candy almost the whole time, the people are lovely too.

You moving to Croatia, well, you must be an adventurous sort: first you do all that stuff in the UK: and then Croatia: which has had a difficult few years to say the least. It was quite a leap.

It is quite lovely that you miss your home place, your friends. I've heard no native Singaporean say anything negative about the place and the two people I've met have been charming and intelligent. Oh, and my doctor, Marcia Ko came from there: Singapore must be one cool place.


uncommon said...


You posted about Bitter Melon some time back.

Do you know if its important to have the real thing: or will the tablets/supplements work?


C K said...

Hmm... we make our own chicken rice, wanton mee, char kuey tiao and even chai tao kuey! Wuah hah hah! Or, I need to go get a mop for my saliva.

But really, I just miss the food so much. Come to think of it, if weather is the subject that unifies the Britons, then food unifies Singaporeans!

Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

Singaporeans love to eat I guess as much as shopping:-)

And I know Singaporeans like their food S P I C Y too, right?

My first trip to Singapore was 1989. Yes, that long:-) Clean, orderly, disciplined but quite expensive.

Best sweet and sour sea bass I have tasted was in Singapore. Oohh the seabass head, if you could imagine how my host slurped the fish head. Makes me hungry right now:-)


DineometerDeb said...

I would LOVE to visit Singapor for a culinary tour. Maybe one day....

SheR. said...

>> Julya Hihi!!!
Oh I've caught Anthony Bourdain a couple of times on Food Network while I was back in Singapore. He's really funny and he loves Durians?? You are lucky to have your favourite chef's autograph. I'm still waiting to get mine!

Thanks for coming to my blogs!! I promise to write more! Do remember to come back!!!

SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate! Thanks for the compliments!!! Much appreciated! ;)

Sometimes I do miss the simplicity of English food for some reasons.. like Sticky Toffee Pudding!! MMMmmmm...

I've never been to Atlanta myself. I wish I could travel to more cities in US. Well.. someday. Now I just love Europe!

Oh we Singaporeans love to complain when we are in Singapore but when we leave home, we think it's the loveliest place on earth! Hahahah.. Talking about absence of patriotism among Singaporeans!

Regarding the Bittergrourd question, you have to consult your nutritionist or a physician if you want to start any supplements. From what I read, supplements may not be all good for you. The natural thing is always the best mate! :)

Hope that helps!

SheR. said...

>> CK!!! Well said!!!!
Food is the essence of being Singaporean! Hahahaha..

I will make my own SG food more often if only I have a chinatown here to buy all the stuff I need. Besides my fiance LOVES Chinese sausages and Chicken Rice! He can't resist a plate of sweet and sour. And Fried Rice is always welcomed! Ooooohoooo!

I made my Sambal Ikan Bilis last night! My fiance almost died from the smell! Hahahaha:P I love Sambal... Yum yum yum...

SheR. said...

>> Lotus Flower dear.. you are missing out so much. Singapore changes every few months. New buildings, streets, shops. I couldn't catch up as I only return home once a year!!! I feel so foreign sometimes.

I heard it's getting even more expensive now. Gosh.. wonder how most average people survive. Hope their salaries increase too!

Seabass!!!! I miss it! The Seabass here tastes totally different. I miss the delicate meat of the seabass in Singapore. Somebody fly one over please! :P

eastcoastlife said...

I shall cherish my good fortune the convenience and availability of local food in Singapore. And I have to mention I live in Katong where the whole street is full of yummy food.

The problem I have is : Watch my waistline! hehe....

Sorry for sounding cruel ah. :P

SheR. said...

>> DineOmeter! You should visit Singapore if you love food! There'll be so much restaurant reviews you can put on your blog without having to travel too much!!1

Hope to see you soon!

SheR. said...

>> ECL. No worries sweets.
I'm trading all the good SG food for abundant nature! And living close to Adriatic Sea! I can't complain too much! One cannot have best of both worlds! :P

Watch that waistline!

uncommon said...

"Hope that helps"


Heh: not in the slightest:)

I'll try and find some, but the last time I went looking for it, even at the oriental market, which has some of the strangest looking vegetables and fruits I've ever seen: they looked at me as if I was an Alien....

Once more into the breach, I guess.


SheR. said...

Sorry Brendan. We always get bittergourd in all the markets in Singapore. That's why we took it for granted.

Good luck!!

BK said...

Chili crabs? Prawn mee? Bak Ku Teh? What else you want? I can probably send you some Bak Ku Teh; those packed. I heard they are pretty good. Where shall I be sending those dried chili too?

Syari said...

Sher, we are in the same boat. I know exactly what you mean!! :D Maybe I am a little bit more fortunate. At least we have asia center here. But not so many ingredients. Have to import ikan bilis from Malaysia even. Last time I went to Singapore was early last year. Before coming here. Yup, singapore is a nice place.

Jasmine Shanea said...

Can you differenciate between Singapore and food cos Singapore IS food and shopping!! Come back and visit with your white knight soon! We can go on a big food outing!

Maybe we can invite all the Singapore entrecarders to join as well! :)

C K said...

Frankly, I'm surprised about the fascination of Londoners towards 'sweet and sour' stuff... the sauce essentially goes with chicken and pork.

They even douse it over vegetables :%

SheR. said...

>> BK no no .. don't send them over to me! Thanks.. I appreciate the thought. It'll costs too much for you to send them!

I'm so craving for Bak Kut Teh..now that you mention it!! Arghs!!!

SheR. said...

>> Dear sweet Syari, glad I have someone who can understand my situation.

Ikan Bilis!! I can't do without it too! I have to eat in moderation.. I will run out soon. :(

>>Jasmine!! All right I promise I'll be home soon. Just need to save for the air tickets you know!

Wow! Meeting with all the Entrecarders?? Who??

>>CK... now you know the magic of sweet and sour in London hur? You've yet to see the obsession with Black Bean Sauce, Spring Rolls and SINGAPORE Fried Rice!!! Scary I tell you!