Food for Men

All right, don't say that I'm biased towards the pretty ladies who frequent my blog. I have an article that I found on MSN for all my dear readers .. my dear old mate BK (Symphony of Love), Durano (The Spitting Vessel), Andrew (Air Sick), Terry (Complete and Creative), Brendan (Missing in Action) and others who I wouldn't know who you are unless you drop me a comment. *My Apologies.. I left out dear dear Singaporean in London, CK.*

Here are a list of Healthy Foods for the Alpha (or simply the handsome kind) Males:


Eww.. this is the worst food for men. Bad breath.. oh no. Well think twice..this little white stinky bulb is packed with anti-cancer compounds, antibacterial (reminds me of handwash) and decongestant (erm.. toilet anyone?) properties. And not forgetting, reducing your cholesterol (yeah... after your beer drinking session) and preventing blood clots. Hey! I bet Dracula won't love you very much too!

Tomato Ketchup

Hur? What? Ketchup? Hm... I often associate this with bloody scenes in movies. Yeah all right, Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants too! Hooray! Not too sure about the ketchup still.. Tomato puree might be a better option. The last time I read the label of a ketchup bottle.. I recalled an endless list of preservatives. I wouldn't encourage eating too much of that. Hey try making your own Ketchup. It's fun! Just remember to wear a nice clean white T shirt! (Hee hee hee...)


Hate these strange looking green blobs on your plate? Try blanching them and then stir fry with some seafood (preferably scallops) and oyster sauce. Love it this way. Sweet and simple. If not, cook them in the soup. Saves time! Don't worry they don't wilt like other vegetables. Oh.. let me tell you why Broccoli is good for you... Folic acid, Vitamin C, Beta-carotene, Potassium, Sulphoraphane (reduce cancer risk!). Convinced yet?

Oily Fish
Think Tuna and Salmon. Get them in steak form or simply in cans. Mix your canned tuna with mayonnaise. Then top your green salad with them. It's nice and healthy! Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6. The list of health benefits includes preventing heart disease, some cancers, arthritis and depression!! Nice!

I think most of you shouldn't find this too hard to digest. Most men love beef steak. It is good for health too. Containing Zinc, Vitamin B12 and Iron. Oops.. but try not to eat it more than 3 times a week, yeah?

Nuts and Seeds
Right.. I know you might find this a little funny. Hey! They are full of vitamins and minerals. So take note. Stop giggling!

Go Bananas!! They are energy boosters and good source of potassium (regulates nerves, heartbeat and blood pressure). Great for hangovers. Most important of all, it's a fruit! It's good for you!


Oh no.. my fiance will go berserk over this. He loves potatoes and so do half a dozen of his mates. Never know this... they are full of Vitamin C.. along with other vitamins and minerals. Cool and cheap spuds!

Did they just put this in the article to make all men go wild?? No no.. apparently, moderate amounts of this liquid bread helps to prevent heart disease and aids digestion.

Phew... that was a long list. You can digest the article in full here. Stay fit boys!


C K said...

Steaks! Meat.. I love it.

Three times a week? Hmm... will love to have it for every other meal if possible. :)

SheR. said...

Oh now now.. CK. Not more than 3 times a week. Remember?

BK said...

Thanks Sher for being so thoughtful. After going through your list. I realised I have been eating pretty healthy. First of all, I like the garlic in my food. But maybe not raw. Did know that garlic would be good after beer.

Tomato Ketchup? Hmm .. I don't like that. I prefer fresh Chili Padi aka Xiao La Jiao. Definitely not for people who can't take spicy food.

Broccoli, I like to steam it and eat it without adding any other sauce. It tastes pretty good already. I can see the reaction on some of the faces ; )

Fish, the way I like it is either steamed or cooked in soup.

Steak, I don't take beef :P

Nuts and Seed? I love them with ice cold beer. I have also Learnt to appreciate those unsalted nuts.

Bananas and Potatoes are both my favorite food too. Now I have another food to recommend for hangover ;)

Beer? I like it cold, really cold or else I would prefer wine.

Thanks again for the list.

SJ said...

Wow. I didn't know this.

SheR. said...

>> No probs mate BK!!1
You stay nice fit and healthy! Beer!!! Yummy!!!
I like Broccoli simply blanched with some soya sauce. Very sweet!!!
Oh and I absolutely LOVE nuts and seeds. In breads!

>>Hihi SJ! Now you know! ;)

Anonymous said...

I often wonder what Beer without bitter Hops would taste like. I don't really like beer, but I'm certain it's because of the hops.

SheR. said...

Hm... I love everything in the beer. Never thought Hops imparts the bitterness to beer.
Now you make me wonder too....

uncommon said...


Just don't like steak: have tried. All the cognoscenit tell me to eat it with blood dripping and I can't bear it.

I tell restuarateurs I want it charred and they look at me as if I've tooted on the carpet: so I give 'em the stink eye and tell 'em cook it real good or I'll terminate 'em.

Nah: I just don't like steak: however its cooked.

No beer: Salmon I dig, great with a salad and loads of vegetables.

Broccoli: the green hell, I put in soup at the end.

Is tomato juice any good? I found a low carb one the other day which was pretty good, not much added.


SheR. said...

Hiya Brendan mate. Thanks for digging up one of my older articles.

Me don't like steak too. Nope. Not a meat person anymore. Not even if it's chopped up and hidden anywhere!

Salmon is good for you! Great stuff. Glad you're eating healthy!

Tomato juice is pure vitamins! Absolutely good! I used to stare at my grandma as she gulped down cans of tomato juice and carrot juice. And I wonder how on earth did she manage to do it?? Oh well..