Forget the Teflon!

Did you ever read about reports that Teflon-coated pans will release toxic gases at high temperatures? No matter how the manufacturers tried to convince us that their pans won't decompose till a certain temperature is reached. We still cook with our Teflon pans with fear.

Here's an article I found which is one man's attempt at searching for a perfect pan to replace Teflon, In search of a pan.

A chemical that is used in the manufacturing of Teflon (but not to be confused with the Trademarked Teflon) is Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) also known as C-8. It is linked to birth defects and cancer in animal studies. Further research of its effects on human beings are required. But do take note that PFOA is present in most of our blood at low levels and it takes a 20 years to get rid of 95% of PFOA from our bodies.

In search of more answers about Teflon, here are a few more article I found:

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And presenting you with more information, here are conflicting reports:

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From the good people at Teflon.com, FAQ's about Teflon.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I let you judge for yourselves. To give up on your non-stick pans or not. I would like to hear your views on this!


Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

I saw somewhere, something about Tefal Jamie Oliver edition pans. It has an actual temperature indicator (located in the middle part of the pan.)

As to the level of toxicity, this is what I can say: I have stopped using and thrown away my last Teflon frying pan because it looks as though it really is toxic:-)

The thing is, our help, way back accidentally scratched the pan's surface as she was cleaning the thing arrggh

Good morning and Cheers!

SheR. said...

Oh yes Lotus Flower (my favourite flower.. represents Buddhism).. I'm throwing away mine soon! When I purchase my cast iron. And Le Creuset!!!!