Happy Mother's Day!

Here's a cake for those lovely mothers out there! Especially mine!!! Missed you mum dearest!! Love you lots!!!!

Mother's Day Orange Cake
-made with any basic cake recipe with the addition of zest & juice from ONE orange.

-simply melt any chocolate as topping.

-homemade orange marmalade in between.

-chopped hazelnuts on top to finish cake!



piebuko said...

I think that is one delicious cake. *sigh

SheR. said...

Happy Mother's Day Piebuko! Have a cake on me!! :D

Jasmine Shanea said...

*drool. send one over now!! Haha... I need a miracle to make this. :) You're a baking whiz I tell you. I'd be happy to be 10% of what you are right now.

BK said...

Happy Mother's Day! You have to make one of these cakes when you are back in Singapore. I will start to list down all the cakes that I want :P