I've been tagged again!

Chefs' locker room.

Yeah yeah.. it's not really my kind of thing but since two of my blogger mates have decided to tag me. I'll gladly oblige. Want to know more about me? Here are 7 facts about me:

  • My Great Grandmother is Indonesian. Most of my genes come from Chinese side. Though I have to stress besides the genes that nothing that relates me to China. So don't go around calling me a Chinese. I'm a Singaporean!!! True Southeast Asian!
  • I lived, studied and worked in London for 3+ years. Lived in SE London. Move 3 places. Last flat we rented is located in Hither Green. Studied in National Bakery School (2 years) but I'm trained in Baking (and Bakery Supervision), Patisserie, Food Service (Silver Service), Food Preparation and yes I have a Health and Safety certificate. Worked in a North London bakery. Worked in 3 of the Conran restaurants in various sections except Sauce. Read post about my school here and My London dream.
  • My specialty? I love to cook everything really and aspire to perfect them. I think I'm best at breadmaking. Don't ask me about Asian cuisine. I only learnt from my mum, not trained in one. French cuisine is my favourite!!
  • I love my home country Singapore. I'm a true blue Singaporean who knows her "Majulah Singapura" and pledge by heart. I can converse in perfect Singlish if required. And I absolutely adore Singapore Food!!
  • I reckon the best chef in the world is my Mother!! *muacks muacks* Gordon Ramsey comes next, James Walker (my head chef at Le Pont de la Tour) and Craig James (my head chef at Quaglino's) are on equal standing on the third spot!
  • I love my job! Chefing and baking! I'm obsessed with it! Each day I woke up for work, I felt so eager and ready to spring out of my flat for work!!! More about my job in this post.
  • I suffered work injuries to my left hand which left me out of job for a long time. Third degree burn. Painful experience and still have phobia when I'm next to the oven for too long. Post about my injury.
Not tagging other blogs... these are the other two blogs that tagged me.

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As the name implies. A collection of useful tips on how to make money online. Touching on issues like entrecarding and Link Exchange.

Pixelated Thoughts
Pretty Jasmine Shanea from Singapore shares her daily thoughts online. Men, drivers or simply her entrecard-dropping habit are amusing to keep readers coming back for more.

Thanks for tagging! Really appreciate you as blogger mates! Happy Blogging! Bon weekend!


Jasmine Shanea said...

Aww thanks for doing the 7 things about you! I can sense your passion for all things delish. Hope you have fully recovered from your injuries.

You are the chef that I'm looking up to! If only I had 1% of your talent, my hubby will thank you. He's been complaining about me not being domestic. Sigh, men. lol :)

curiousfoodie said...

Hi babe, I'm back! Have been sick, now only flu-ing, so that's an improvement. :) VERY busy at school now! It's an extremely fast summer term. 3 lessons per week and I just had my first quiz today!


Heather said...

Ha ha! I was just stopping by to tag you with the same meme. Oh well. It's fun reading your seven things! Have a great weekend!

Lotus Flower said...

oh yes la. Singapore is one good place to stay if you like order, discipline, shopping, food, cosmopolitan-like environment and healthy looking surroundings.

It is sad though that in Singapore, when you are like me a Filipino, they immediately conclude you are a domestic helper. It not that there's anything wrong with being a domestic - they are he angels of our economy.

It's really the attitude from own countrymen. I have seen this in my previous travels to Singapore, my own people condescending OFW's. Sad but true:-(

Me? I love conversing with OFWs and don't even mind being mistaken for one :-)


SheR. said...

Thank you everyone for leaving your comments and reading a post about ME!

>>Jasmine dear. I've fully recovered but mental and physical scars never go away. I really doubt I can work as well as I used to in a professional kitchen ever again.

I'm domestic? Not really. Just love to cook for everyone. A smile is the greatest reward for me!

>>Hello Amelia!!! Glad you're back .. finally! I know you must be busy. Take care of yourself while working hard yeah?

>>Hi hi Heather. Your first time leaving comments on my blog. Thanks a million! Hope to see you again! :)

>>Durano. It's a shame when any particular group of people think they are more superior than another. It happens in any country dear. Even more so in UK where the White English think they are the most superior race in the world.

I've made a lot of Filipina blogger mates online. And they have great personalities!!

Yeah and I think cleaners or domestic helpers are angels! It takes a lot of will to do the work you know.. cleaning up other people's mess. I respect!

BK said...

I have almost give up on explaining to people that I am not 'Chinese' as in Chinese from China, not that I am ashamed to be associated to be a Chinese from China, but rather I am proud to be a Singaporean. No matter where I was previously, people would just call me Chinese anyway :)

SheR. said...

BK.. same here. I'm just trying ti get away from being stereotyped as a chinese..