Nitrites protect your stomach??

Another contradicting piece of news from the scientific world. First, digging up an old article from BBC last year... it mentioned that eating too much bacon is bad for our lungs. Why? Reason given by Dr Rui Jiang that heads the research at the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine,

Nitrites used in the preservation of cured meats such as bacon generate reactive nitrogen species that cause damage to our lungs.

More of the article here.

However, the latest research from Uppsala University's Department of Medical Cell Biology found that

Nitrites can be converted in Nitric Oxide in our stomachs. This in turn protects our stomachs from damage.

Another article for your digestion here.

There's too much information out there. And when the average consumer like me wishes to obtain some information about the food we eat, we get contradicting studies. Anyone has any idea who we should listen to?


Syari said...

Listen to your own taste buds. LOL

uncommon said...

"Anyone has any idea who we should listen to?"


Well, its hard to hear nutritional advice from someone who weighs 400lbs and is five feet tall.

However: everyone from Singapore is as thin as a rake, healthy like a horse and looks as cute as a bug in a rug.

Hard to ignore the evidence of ones eyes.


SheR. said...

>> Syari.. Erm.. I would cut down on bacon! It's too salty for me! Hahaha..:P Everything in moderation!

>> Ha.. Brendan.. we in Singapore eat a lot. But most of us (I don't mean all) are not obese.. that's due to our genes I guess??

We are not exactly healthy.. we still have our share of heart and colon problems. So looks can be deceiving! We have to treat our bodies right! Not how it looks!

BK said...

I sort of agree with what syari said to certain extent. What I am going to say is listen to your stomach. Moderation even for food that can be healthy and beneficial for our bodies. If your bodies reacted badly to certain food, then it is better to stay away from them.

In so speaking, it really depends on individual. One's food is another's poison.

SheR. said...

BK Yes you are right about it. It depends on the individual!!