Popcorn is healthy???

No........................!!!!!!!!! Popcorn is NOT healthy! Try to convince me otherwise!

Some new scientific research has attempted to get you to eat more Popcorn. Why? It is a whole grain! And whole grains are GOOD for you! Yeah.. what about the tons of fats and sugar or salt we add in these movie treats?

Whatever you say.. I'm not listening!!

You can read this article to decide for yourself.


uncommon said...


I don't care if Popcorn is declared healthy or not: I'm NOT going to eat the foul muck.

I have almost quit going to cinemas in the USA now because the stink of the popcorn invades my nostrils and that yellow toot they put on makes me gag!



BK said...

How about if I eat them without sugar or salt? It should be healthier this way ; )

What would be your recommendation for a healthy movie treat?

My Bug Life said...

I do agree with u on the tons of fat and sugar heaped on the popcorns that ppl consume so much at the movies. I hardly touch those coz am not a huge fan..:)

C K said...

Not exactly a popcorn fan, mainly because they cost quite abit. Essentially, I'm just paying for loads of air :P

But it should be healthier if it's served without salt and sugar, right?

SheR. said...

>> Brendan mate!
I ABSOLUTELY agree with you on this! No! I can't stand the artificial butter flavouring in there (it's bad for health.. read one of my earlier posts)!!!

They don't make popcorn like they used to anymore. It's great at home for a small treat in sold in buckets like garbage!!! YUCK!

SheR. said...

>> Ah Peh Ah Peh BK... Always asking me for healthy alternatives.. All right I let you in on my healthy snacking. Or not so healthy snacking..

I always have my Crunch Muesli with me. Chocolatey ones of course. Not exactly the best but satisfies my craving for crisps and soda! I bought them once in M&S London and couldn't resist ever since. Finally got a Croatian alternative. I LOVE LOVE muesli and oats!!!

FlapJacks anyone??

Else like my mate always do.. get a bag of carrot sticks for munchies!

Opt for Homemade Lemonade. Nice and natural! Or I prefer sparkling water! It's fizzy it's all the same to me! Without all the sugar attacking my teeth? All the better!!!

SheR. said...

>> Shutter Buggie! I agree with you! :D Stay away from unhealthy cinema popcorn!!

>>CK. You too???
Erm.. popcorn without salt or sugar?? Won't that make it tasteless?? I don't like!!! I've heard of a spicy alternative once.. with curry powder or something.. hm...

uncommon said...

Popping corn costs almost nothing, and the cinemas charge ten dollars for the toot, and those fountain drinks which rot your teeth cost big bux. I once got thrown out of a cinema in Atlanta for taking my own bottle of water in.

It is a racket, and I'll have nothing to do with it.

Big home movie screen: Netflix subscription, easy street.


SheR. said...

Calm down Brendan.. Don't pull that trigger on the popcorn!! Someone call the security!!!

I know how much you hate going to the movies now..

All right.. now sit down relax and breathe.. we'll set up your 42" plasma TV here for you.

uncommon said...

"Don't pull that trigger on the popcorn!"


LOL: you heard the safety coming off......:)


SheR. said...

Ooppss... Brendan...