Saffron Saffron.. little packets of gold

The Italians are seeking protection over the world's costliest spice - Saffron.
They have applied for the Saffron from Sardinia to bear the European Commission's Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label.

Why is Saffron so costly?
It is because it would require between 50,000-75,000 flowers will produce a mere 0.45 kg of Saffron.

What's the price of Saffron?
Highest known prices of €7,500 per kg.

What is PDO?
According to European law PDO are used to protect the reputation of regional foods. This eliminates the unfair competition between genuine products and inferior imitations.

And of course, every product with the European PDO label commands a higher price.

If successful, the Italian's Sardinian Saffron will garner the "Zafferano di Sardegna" PDO logo on the market.

Access this link for more information about this topic.

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My Bug Life said...

Are these as pricy as truffles?

One time, we had this iranian dish where the rice was cooked with saffron...we called it "gold rice"...:)

SheR. said...

Shutter buggie.. Saffron is indeed more expensive than TRuffles even the white variety! Last time I checked the prices of White TRuffles was 3,500 Euros per kg. So.. this is 7,500??! Way more expensive..!!

Anyway, you can get the not so expensive version anytime.. from indian stores. They come in beautiful boxes and all wrapped up! Expensive eh?

Saffron Rice? Hm.. reminds me of Paella! Yummy! I had Saffron Bread.. yucks!

My Bug Life said...

One of my friends bought the cheaper version of saffron fr the indian stores but it just didn't work out as the more expensive ones. I can't tell the difference as I am not a chef..but that was what she told me. Use only good ones for your cooking.

I had paella before and I loved it.

SheR. said...

Hello!! Hm.. we did use that for expensive dishes like Lobster Bisque or Fish Soup. Really nice!

I never will buy Saffron I guess. It somehow has a seafood taste to it. That's why it complements them? Hm..

Well.. that's why we say Value for Money? Cheap Saffron is nothing compared to the authentic. Just use two strands at a time!