Savour your Chocolates like wine!

Chocolates chocolates don't we just LOVE them? Do you know that Chocolates from different sources and cocoa bean varieties taste different? Most of the famous Chocolate brands like Valrhona sourced their cacao from different countries.. developing different flavours for each. You can taste the acidity, the deep notes for very dark chocolates and the aroma varies too! We are not talking about Milk Chocolate but pure dark chocolate anything above 64%! Yummy!!!

Visit my favourite Chocolate brand's website for a chocolatey journey!

Here's another interesting development in the industry:

Barry Callebaut, another chocolate manufacturer, has linked their origin chocolates (or chocolates produced in different countries) to wine varieties so as to demonstrate how these two can go hand in hand.

Tasting of chocolates should be paired with a suitable wine to enhance the overall flavour of the chocolate and the wine.

Read this article if you wish to learn more about this new tasting technique.

Chocolates and Wine.. life is just beginning to get better.


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

Chocolates and wine...hmmm, I believe we tried that before but the taste matching wasn't very good. Maybe we should consult the article you linked.

On the other hand, chocolates with brandy or rhum we have tried several times. It's good but there are times that it tastes too sweet. But my favorite has always been chocolates with nuts and ice cream. Yummy!

SheR. said...

Oh Durano dear.. I love chocolates with everything.. wine or no wine. ;)

Jasmine Shanea said...

I love dark chocolate but its rare here in Singapore... I heard that in Europe, chocolates are really cheap. When you get a chance to get back to Singapore, bring a container load back for me! hahaha... *kidding.

SheR. said...

Hi Hi Jasmine sweetie! I love dark chocolate too preferably 70%. Not 99% that's too dark for me. Tasted one that was 99%. EW...

Chocolates are relatively cheaper only in the countries that produce them like France or Italy. I will rem to being you some when I'm back. Croatian chocolates? Haha:P

C K said...

My wife loves those dark chocolate... the more bitter the better. I could never ever figure that out...

Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

My favorites are belgian chocolates, those with a mild hint of liqour. I can't can't get the right spelling of this word >liquor :-)

I also love dark chocolates even if I shouldn't be eating too much of it:-(

And how do you feel about chocolate fountains, drippingly good, right? :-)

Cheers to all chocolate makers of the world whoopee!

SheR. said...

>>CK Hi hi!
Think women will find any excuse to eat more chocolates! Regardless dark or not...:P

>> Lotus Flower :)
I can't imagine a world without Chocolates!!

You can spell it American way.. liquor. Or English.. liqueur. All correct.. and too many U's everywhere!

Chocolate fountain! I will rent that for my wedding!! Hahaha!

My Bug Life said...

I luv dark chocolates..esp the bitter ones. I am not into milk chocolates or the ones filled with caramel or nuts. Just plain o dark chocolates..:D

SheR. said...

Yes¨!! Dark Chocolates!! Hoorah!!! :DD

curiousfoodie said...

I'm going to bake on wed! :D can't wait. hols are finally here....for 2 weeks. :D

SheR. said...

Hey Hey Guess who's back?!!!

My sweet Amelia!! Can't wait for more posts on your blog. Still waiting!