Scrambled Eggs (not Gordan Ramsay's)

Watched Gordon Ramsay's video on how to make the perfect Scrambled Eggs. Most would say a nice firm but moist Scrambled Egg is the best. However it is more to the Scrambled Eggs than it meets the eye.

I was breakfast chef for a couple of months in my restaurant. I was of course in charge of cooking anything to do with Eggs. Hard or soft -boiled, sunny side up, poached, omelette or Scrambled.

I remembered thinking "Cooking Eggs... how tough can it be?" till I learnt the famous English Scrambled Eggs.

First of all, I have to say that not everyone loves their Scrambled Eggs to have the same consistency. Some like it runnier than others. So I had to achieve a balance between moist but not too runny and firm but not overcooked. Overcooked Scrambled Eggs are horrible tasting. Rubbery texture, ewww.

Like in so many other tips to cook Scrambled Eggs, they will tell you the two most important equipment: A non-stick pan and a rubber spatula.

I found it easier to use a saucepan rather than a usual frying pan. Make sure that it's thoroughly cleaned. For my rubber spatula, I stick to my beloved "Le Creuset" which cost me quite a bit but was the best investment ever!

Number of eggs required: 3 (Just nice number not too much. You'll get a nice enough portion for your breakfast.) Add Salt & Pepper. Whisk them thoroughly as you do not want to get lumps of Chrome Yellow (from yolks) mixed with White. You want a consistent yellow Scrambled Eggs. Use a stick blender. Saves time and does the job without introducing too much air.

I do not like to add milk to my Scrambled Eggs. All you need is Butter.

Place a nice dollop of Butter in pan. Heat the pan. But don't burn the butter!!

Pour your Eggs in at one go. Stir it well. Remember to check for any bits stuck at the bottom.

If you detect lumps at the bottom, scrape them off the bottom and mix well with all the uncooked eggs.

If you sense that the bottom is starting to brown, remove pan from heat (too hot).

Keep doing that till you see about 60% of the eggs are cooked. Remove from heat and keep stirring to check for the consistency of eggs that you like. If you are satisfied, serve. If not leave it for a while to cook a little longer in the pan (yeah stirring them!).

See it's not rocket science but practise makes perfect! Have fun scrambling!!!


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

I don't know about preferences for the way eggs are cooked for breakfast. I like to eat eggs - and at breakfast, I'll eat anything no matter how its cooked - poached, fried, sunny side up , boiled, scrambled, runny, dry, rubbery, or what.

Anything, as long as it goes with fruit and coffee. :-) --Durano, done!

SheR. said...

Hello Durano.
Yes. Eggs are an excellent source of protein especially for a good start of a day.
I love them with toast!!! And Coffee ;)

DineometerDeb said...

Gee thanks Sher for reminding me I am allergic to eggs ; )

I love eggs but have this weird allergy that I can only eat them cooked into something, like cake.

Sucks for me.

SheR. said...

>> Oops.. Deb..
Well.. look on the bright side, you can still enjoy cakes! Yummy!!

BK said...

LOL! You are definitely right! Not rocket science, but to have a perfect sunny side up takes some practise. I was cooking for myself when I was in Philippines and cooking egg was considered one of the 'easiest' (I'm not talking about cooking it perfectly but just edible). At time I was very satisfied with my sunny side up because it was perfectly done with no burnt at the side and the yolk slightly uncooked (the way I like it). I liked to make omelette then too and I would add in cheese and mushroom in my omelette.

Somehow your scrambled egg looks yummy ;)

SheR. said...

I was a breakfast chef BK.. for 3 months.. I cooked that everyday!! Of course I need to master it! Ha:P

Jasmine Shanea said...

3 eggs? Hmm.. i think I can only eat 1 a day. I agree with you that butter works more wonders than milk. never understood the milk and egg thing. oh well. I'm not an egg lover but can't do without them cos there'd be no cakes in this world and THAT i can do 3 slices a day. ;p

SheR. said...

Oh Jasmine! Cakes I love them too! But I can't eat too much of it!! Don't like too much sweet stuff..though I can eat a lot of chocolate tart.. mmmm