Understanding the codes on your fruits?

Chanced upon this article on TheSnackHound blog during my EC rounds, if you don't know about this you should read on... This is the link!

The digits on all our fruits tell you whether they are conventionally grown, organic or simple GMO!!


Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

This should be true in Europe or the U.S.

But back here where I come from fruits are sold open in the markets on the sidewalks, where ever without a nary of labels. True. But that is the reality of being a 3rd world country, argh!

Imagine a scene where you ask the fruit seller or vendor, "is this pineapple GMO'ed or organic?"

The answer?

With eyes wide open she retorts, "what is that, sister?" :-)


SheR. said...

Hi hi Lotus Flower.

Hm.. it's the same case in Croatia. No labels.. most farmers grow their own apples. Unless it's imported from Spain or Italy then they are required to label every export.

But of course everything is organic.. why the need to differentiate when they don't have the technology to do otherwise in Croatia?Hee..

You can check for GMO fruits or vegetables online and see if it affects you there!