Weekend Migraine

Sorry.. no new post today. Migraine attacking. Here's a little preview of what's coming up:
  • A couple of Food-related news.
  • Recipes for Scones and Chocolate squares.

A little rest time for my head. Back to blogging soon!


piebuko said...

I'm sorry Sher. Migraine sucks. It leaves me hanging on to the side of my bed, vomiting my intestines out.
I would often pound on my head with my fist.
Twice I was hospitalized because of migraine.
I'm a migraine academy alum.

SheR. said...

Thanks! I'm better now. I've migraines since 9. So I basically learnt to live with it. I can't eat, sleep or even function normally whenever it strikes. Oh.. bother. Time to grab more ibuprofen.

BK said...

Sorry to hear that. Hope that you are already well. Know what triggered your migraine attack? Usually if you know what are the things that trigger your migraine attack, you would be able to prevent it better.

SheR. said...

Oh I know ;) It's all right now. Cheers!!