Wine or Beer?

It seems to be the case that most men love their beers while women love their glasses of wine. I always think this is a strange choice that separates the genders. Why are we biased towards any choices?

First of all, let's take a look at how the two types of alcoholic drinks are presented. Beers are typically served in mugs or pint glasses whereas wines are in more elegantly shaped wine glasses. Perhaps that is one of the main reasons why women like to be seen drinking from more dainty glasses instead of the giant mugs!

Next, we come to a social stereotype. Beer is often associated with the "bloke" behaviour. Men sitting in a pub with their beers and catching the latest ball game.. Football (or soccer) or baseball. On the other hand, wines are associated with fine dining. Ladies like to be "Wined and Dined" as the saying goes.

Well.. this next reason is given by one of my mates. She hates beer because it makes her burp. And of course, burping is simply not ladylike.

What about the prices between the two? No matter how expensive the beers cost, it can never beat that of expensive wines. And yes, wines are a status symbol. Beers are usually regarded as a cheap drink.

Perhaps the very art of appreciating wines surpassed that of beers. You get highly recognised wine connoiseurs but no one's heard too much of a beer connoiseur?

What is your choice? And your reasons for loving it? Cheers!


Julya Lim said...

I like wine. I like the fruity ones. Although it seems wine is more expensive, you can get cheaper wines comparable to the more expensive ones, that even the experts cant even tell! it also has higher alchohol content than beer, so actually you're getting more the money! oh and also wine the red ones have that rese... how do you spell it? reservertrol? :)

Jasmine Shanea said...

I guess for me it's the right drink for the right occassion. But some beers are a complete no-no for me (eg: Tiger Beer). Just wished someone made drinking wine a tad easier. :)

SheR. said...

Hiya Julya!!! Thanks for commenting.

Hm.. I never thought about the more value for money theory. Yes! You are right Wine has a minimum of 12% alcoholic content. That makes it way more than the typical beer average of 5%. I know a greek beer with 9% alcohol!

Hm.. not too sure the content in Red Wine. I know it contains a lot of antioxidants! They are good in moderation!

FANCY said...

Wine - beer - wine - beer...please give a tequila some salt and lemon...then a beer and some handsome strong hot coffee after - that it is necessary...;-)))

C K said...

An occasional red for me. Have gotten real drunk (with cheap beer) when I was serving NS. Decided that it wasn't worth it.

The reason why I opt for wine? Probably they don't go in pints, merely glasses. :)

Syari said...

They say women like drinks that are sweet. That's why they like wine. Try irish bailey's then. :)

SheR. said...

>> Jasmine. My fiance likes Tiger Beer! Our favourites are still Young's from London!!1 Yummy!

Wines.. I drink them sometimes but I prefer them in my food! Hahah!!

Why do you need to make drinking wine easier??

>> Fancy!! Hello! I'll give you anything drinks you want. Just ask!

>>CK...hm.. I'm not so much into Red Wines. Only if they have really nice deep flavours. Like matured oak.

Oo.. getting drunk on beer is nothing compared to Jack Daniel's that gross!!!

>>Syari.. yes.. ladies do like anything sweet. That's why dessert wines are popular with the women folk. Mmm....

I'm not a Irish cream person. I only like my Creme de Cacao with milk! Yummy!!!

Julya Lim said...

I think it's the dry wines I dont like. I wish I knew more about wines. But the dry ones seems strong, like taking medicine.

The fruity ones, that have a little carbonation I really like, and the some of them have a flowery scent I like too. (almost like a wine cooler!) :)

When I buy the wine at wine store, I always make sure to ask the person (they really know a lot about wines), and ask them to please find me a wine that's fruity, sweet but not too sweet.

the irish bailey? I kind of like, but it's kind of thick. kuluha too.

Julya Lim said...

Hi Sher!

Oh! I almost forgot! If there is a wine i dont particularly like, making sangria out of it seems to work! Delish!


SheR. said...

Hiya Julya! I know what you will like to drink. Perhaps a Champagne?

It's my favourite though it's a little on the steep side. I can always opt for sparkling wine.

I absolutely agree with you about dry wines.. hate the aftertaste on my tongue. Ew..

I'm not a wine connoiseur too. I just drink whatever suits my taste and those that I'm familiar with. Like Chianti, Burgundy, Chardonnay or Bordeaux.

uncommon said...


I'm a retired policeman, (25 years) after all those years dealing with drunks as a major portion of my time and seeing the damage that alcohol does.....I don't use it.

Most people talk about moderation and I'm sure that there are those that do: but most of my experience is the damage done, I'll leave it alone.


SheR. said...

Hello Brendan.

I know what you mean by the damage caused by alcoholism. We all do. But alcohol is such a powerful instrument to make us forget our limits as most times.

I've seen not only the destruction from drunk drivers but how alcoholism has ruined lives. It's sad... really.

But I might be the rare few that love to enjoy my alcohol in moderation at all times!! :)