Would you like to have some SCONES?

It's Afternoon teatime and what pops into your mind? Scones and biscuits to go with them?

Personally I love Scones. Well.. probably I was in London fro over 3 years and I've cultivated the habit of Tea and Scones. It's not exactly a bread (but observe certain fundamentals of breadmaking) or even a biscuit. The lovely unique taste of Scones comes from the Baking Powder present in the dough. And of course, every baker must be able to bake the perfect Scone!

I have a couple of other recipes for Scones but so far this is the only recipe that is able to make the nice rich Tea Scones that I absolutely adore!

Afternoon Tea Scones

Makes 6 x 1" rounds

30g Plain Flour (Medium strength)

210g *Scone Flour

60g Butter, frozen and cut into cubes

55g Sugar

15g Eggs

145g Milk

1, Combine Plain Flour and Scone Flour into a mixing bowl.

2, Beat Eggs into Milk.

3, Dissolve Sugar in Milk.

4, Mix Butter into Flours.

5, Add Milk mixture to Flours.

6, Knead to a smooth dough. Use Folding method.

7, Cut them using a 3" pastry cutter.

8, Leave them to prove covered for about 30 minutes.

9, Bake at 226 degrees C for 15 minutes or till baked. (Break one open in the middle to check if dough is cooked.)

10, Serve with clotted cream, jam and strawberries! Wonderful for Afternoon Tea!

*Scone Flour can be made using the following Plain Flour to Baking Powder ratio - 12: 1*


eastcoastlife said...

My hubby and I love scones!! I'm going to try this one. *happies*

Jasmine Shanea said...

*raise hands for Sher's scones! I'm going to ask a stupid question now - Can they be refrigerated or freezed? lol. Looking for 'cooling' foods now to reduce body temperature. :p

SheR. said...

>> Hello ECL!!
You MUST try out this recipe. My fav so far!

And remember so overkneading... dough gets hard. Try folding the dough over. It helps to creates layers!


>> Jasmine dearest, hello sweetie!
No no.. nothing is a stupid question. The more you ask, the more you learn!

Yes, you can freeze them. Keeps for a month in freezer and a week chilled.

Erm.. since this is baked. It's not exactly "cooling". I'll try to get my hands on panna cotta recipe soon!

piebuko said...

I'll bet this tastes really really great!

SheR. said...

>> Oh Yes Piebuko! Simply sconelicious! Ha:P