Appetite and weather

As the weather is getting warmer hitting their early 30's, I found that I'm losing my craving for most food especially meat. I can chop up a whole charentais and chomp it down in a few minutes but you will see me agonizingly shoving even half a piece of pork into my mouth.

For some strange reason, the heat (which I'm pretty much used to in Singapore) is making my lose weight (currently lost 2kg in a month). I do feel hungry only at later in the night but remembering what my mum told me about suppers, I usually avoid snacking that late in the night.

Just heard from a really skinny friend that his appetite has been growing since the beginning of summer. The hotter the better. He was last witnessed finishing his second slice of pizza cut at 9pm in the evening.

How does your body behave? Eat more in the winter and less in the summer like me? Or the other way round like my friend?


uncommon said...


Are you losing water: my friend?

Be careful, there isn't a lot of you already:)


The_Sphinx's World said...

My children and I notice that during rainy days (especially when there's a storm!), we eat a lot. We had the typhoon Frank last Friday, and for three days, we ate almost everything!

Since there was no electricity, they played monopoly and cards. And while playing, they were also munching on whatever they could find in the fridge.

SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate..
I sure hope it's just water.
But no worries.. I look skinny but my BMI says otherwise. I'm nice and fit! Not underweight. I'm sure a lot of people say so. But I never went on a diet for any reason other than to cut down on salt sugar and fat intake!!!

SheR. said...

>>Sphinxie!! Hi hi!!! Nice to see you again!

Oh really?? Storms? Hm.. never thought of it. Winters make me stuff myself with food all the time. Especially a cup of Hot chocolate!!!