Chefs in food development!

This post is dedicated to all the chefs in the trade.

The sensory skills of chefs are highly regarded in the food industry especially in the development of more appealing food and future food trends.

Here is the article for my fellow chefs!


Lotus Flower said...

Hi Sher,

It's typhoon signal #3 from where I am and the news says there's 66 dead in a certain southern province with about 100 people missing. :-(Anyway that was just an aside.

My favorite chefs include Jamie Oliver because of his eating healthy advocacies specifically affecting children; Curtis Stone because he is I think a genuinely funny chef; Mario Batali for his informative style, incorporating the history of the place and the style used in Italian cooking.

And of course the original celebrity chef, Chef Yan of Wok with Yan. I used to watch him way, way back cooking my Chinese dishes before TV cameras.

There are others but would take too much space:-)

Cheers Sher and Stay well.

eastcoastlife said...

For my son.... training to be a chef. :)
Thanks sher.

SheR. said...

Hi hi Lotus Flower.
Hope everyone is all right over there.

Ah.. celebrity chefs hur? I think the head chef that I worked with is the best. He seeks perfection in even the cutting of a cucumber. That's what a true chef should be. Not about fame. But the love for the job! :)

SheR. said...

Dear ECL.. yes this is dedicated to all the chefs and would-be chefs everywhere! :)