Chish and Fips ?

Fish and Chips! The all time British favourite. Something sparked off my curiosity today and I decided to do a "research" (I mean Googling) about the UK national food.

There was no one confirmed historical record of the first Fish and Chips in UK. So the origins are still pretty much debatable. Google brought up results concerning the history of F&C and the battle is between Lancashire and London.

It doesn't really matter where the dish comes from. This simple deep-fried battered fish (cod being the favourite) with nice fat chips is a winner any day. Be it in a takeaway or a posh restaurant.

For those interested in learning more about this famous dish, read this article.

Here are a few tips for a better tasting F&C:

  • Season the fish with Salt & Pepper before coating with Semolina.
  • Coat the fish with semolina before dipping it in the batter.
  • Use a wet batter for coating the fish.
  • For a fluffier batter mix, add yeast.
  • Use fresh instead of frozen chips.
  • Invest in a deep fryer for best results.
  • Accompany the dish with Mashed Peas, Mashed Potatoes and pickled onions.

Have a Fish & Chips day!


uncommon said...


You might find it interesting: when I was a kid in the fifties, we had a chip shop close to us, but I almost cannot remember Fish being sold there: it was too expensive.

There used to be an octagonal coin back in those days: called a threepenny bit, about todays value of one and a half pennies.

We would, when we could afford a treat: take a threepenny bit and buy two pennorth of peas and a penny chips.

I don't remember eating any sort of fish till I was about 19 years old, in Jamaica.


SheR. said...

Wow. No fish?? How's that possible?? When I'm in Singapore, my mum cookes fish for 2 meals a day. I love fish! No way I can live without it! ;)

A penny's worth of chips?? You'd hear my fiance salivating already...