Cinema snacks

It's the weekend again. And when you are a young Singaporean, what would you do on a weekend like this? Well.. we ring up a few mates and hit the cinemas. Before that, we'll probably stuff ourselves with some fast food. Why the sudden post about cinema snacks? Hm.. has it occurred to you how much fats and junk go into our body when our intention is to catch a movie and have a relaxing afternoon?

First, I don't care what they tell you about Popcorn being a whole grain. Look there's too much Sugar or Salt in those buckets (yeah, they serve them in buckets now!)! Perhaps they have used an artificial butter flavouring to mimick the original Butter taste in those popcorn. But that's even worse. Remember my articles about those evil artificial flavourings? Yeap Diacetyl and here's the article to refresh your memory.

Second, what we usually get in a combo set to go along with those buckets are big cups of Coca Cola or carbonated drinks. Eeks.. think of all those Fructose going into your system. Not to mention how much carbs your have just consumed.

Third, you can get some nice Hot Dogs to go along if you are hungry! Hot Dogs?? Did you just forget they are made from a mixture of raw meat and.... BYPRODUCTS. Well not forgetting how much salt goes into each of these Hot Dogs! Hey for those who do not know.. Hot Dogs are often heated and reheated over and over again. And studies have shown that they contain high levels of harmful bacteria known as Listeria. Still liking it??

All right.. I have nothing much to rant about those Nachos. Ahem.. just forget the Cheese Sauce (yeap.. artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives again!). And you often get them covered in Salt and seasonings. Not that innocent afterall.. those Nachos, hur?

So if you are hitting those cinemas, I recommend you get yourself bottled water. Or bring your own. I hate how those cinema owners banned cinema goers from bringing their own food. They want you to stuff yourselves with those high fat, sugar and sodium diets while catching a movie. Tsk tsk tsk.. sense some conspiracy there? We should make a stand and suggest to them that we need to have healthy alternatives available. Muesli would be good. Fresh fruit juice? Yum! But seriously, I don't think they'll give a damn about what we eat since healthy food has a lower profit margin. Junk is good for business mate! Bring it on!


Jasmine Shanea said...

oh big sister Sher... let us pamper ourselves with popcorn and soda once in a while during a good movie!! Anyway, i buy popcorn to throw around and not to eat! haha.. you'll know once you come back and catch a flick with me! :)

SheR. said...

Jasmine sweetie! Sure I'll catch a movie with you when I'm back in SG.
I'm passing on that popcorn and Cola. I'll sneak some muesli bars and water in :P

uncommon said...


I rate food on how it makes me feel a couple of hours later: and when I eat stuff that my body doesn't like much, such as popcorn: I feel really rough.

If its loaded with salt: I'll be wanting to drink like a fish. I've never eaten Nachos at a cinema. I've never actually eaten Nachos at all: are they worth eating at a restaurant?

Sausages: people shouldn't eat them at all, eating hot dogs at a cinema is madness.

Sadly: the truth is that modern cinema is as about gustatory experience and not the film, and the films are reflecting that. They spend millions on the effects and almost nothing on the writing.

Cinema only makes money on the food, not the film: which is tragic.

There are good films around, but they're only on DVD: they don't make at the popcorn stink house, where the cellphone and yapping rule.

I have terminated those I can.....but its an endless parade of witless fools with cellphones....


Syari said...

Last time I went for a movie here was last year when spiderman 3 came out in the cinemas. :D Sher, you really do your research on food don't you?

I'm a junkie to tell you the truth.How can I not be, I'm married to one too. LOL

eastcoastlife said...

aiyoh.... I love to munch on nachos with cheese... and popcorn when I watch a movie.
*piak piak sher for throwing cold water on me*

SheR. said...

>>ECL dear.. it's for your own good. Cut down on your popcorn-movie treats! Take care!

SheR. said...

>>Syari Sayang..
I haven't caught a movie in ages!!! Seriously.. it was back in 2007 March when we caught a..I can't remember the title.. movie in Singapore Cathay! That long!!!

I care a lot about what we eat. And hope to share those information with everyone too. My dear readers like you! :)

I can be a food junkie but cutting down ever since I became a chef. Last time I had MacDonald's?? Erm.. 3 years ago. Ha!

Can't stand the sight of those meat!

SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate!
Way to go for DVD sales. You are not some DVD salesman by any chance are you?? *eyeing Cyborg suspiciously*

Yeah.. sadly cinema is no longer an appreciation of the arts but a time to fill your system with junk!!!

Kill those mobile phones please!!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

The post certainly says a mouthful about all the junk tha's being passed around as "entertainment food".

How can it even be classified as food when it will poison you to death!

Great post, and very timely too. I'll just eat celery in the movie house. :-) --Durano, done!

C K said...

Am not a huge fan of popcorn at cinemas. But somehow, the lack of something to bite on always drive me to get a small packet, which of course wouldn't last till the opening credits.

Perhaps I should be bring in an apple the next time round and crunch it through the entire movie the next time round.

uncommon said...

"You are not some DVD salesman by any chance are you?"


I have never sold a single DVD: I have given away a good few, and I have one for you.

Actually: I'm a big Opera fan and there is little decent Opera in Atlanta: well, not like London anyway.

However: they have started to broadcast the MET live in cinemas: and that is lovely. They are expensive, normal films are about $10 and the Opera costs about $30: so it keeps the popcorn eaters out.


uncommon said...


How naughty is the Piak, Piak thing?

I like furrin insults: but I don't like to use them if they are going to start a fire:)


Syari said...

wow, 3 years no mc d at all??
I seldom eat fast food. But never say no when someone wants to buy me. LOL

SheR. said...

>> Syari Sayang.. seriously even if someone offered me a burger for free.. I wouldn't want it :P Give me a nice decent chicken burger with a whole piece of breast meat I say. That only costs 15kn in Croatia! Freshly cooked! (about 5 SGD) And huge too! Who needs fast food in Croatia! :P

SheR. said...

Hahaha Brendan.. ECL's giving me some good spanking! ;)

SheR. said...

>>Brendan.. ooo lovely Opera.

I caught Phantom of the Opera 3 times in London. (Hee free tix) and Carmen (which was my fav since I was a kid!)

Hoorah! Too bad my fiance doesn't appreciate too much of the singing besides Mr Pavarotti (who unfortunately is dead). Sigh.. :(

I would love to go for a classical music concert over here... someday.

SheR. said...

>> Hi hi CK!
I was thinking along the lines of bringing in my Char Siew Rice with extra duck drumstick and all! HAHAHAH:P Evil!

SheR. said...

>> Durano dear!
Thanks for the compliments.
I just feel the need to remind everyone how those food are killing us..slowly and unknowingly.

My Bug Life said...

This may sound odd but I am one of those ppl who don't like to snack when watching a movie..find all the crunching and unwrapping paper sounds distracting.

Lotus Flower said...

An idea which should be propagated and subscribed to by everyone who believes in healthy eating.

Let us all stop feeding ourselves with toxic food which usually looks appealingly good but in truth gives us nothing but poison in one form or another.


BK said...

The familiar picture. It was reported recently that Shaw Center will be undergoing major renovation. There are quite a bit of changes going around and quite a number of new shopping malls coming up. Although popcorn is not too healthy treat, it is good to eat once in a while : )

SheR. said...

>> Hello Shutter buggie!!! *waves*

Good on you! No snacking during movies! :)

Oh all that munching is not any bit as distracting as that person sitting next to you who decides that the cinema is too dark. So need to switch on the light on his mobile!! >:(

SheR. said...

>> Lotus Flower :)

Yes! Please help to spread this idea. It's time we should put a stop to all those junk being sold at cinemas too!

>>BK mate!
Oh.. Good ol' Shaw theatres.. so much memories of my youth :P
I always expect to see everything new each year I return home. I can't seem to keep up with the pace of all those building and renovating in SG anymore!!!

Don't eat too much popcorn BK. Who knows who has been serving you....