First Aid kit in the kitchen!

Life is like a rose?

Hi hi!! Enough of all those depressing thoughts and a big Thank You for all the encouragements from lots of lovely people.. CK ze SG-Londoner, Grumpy Chef and Brendan the Uncommon.

To show you readers a little more of a chef life, yeap.. the First Aid Kit. Why is it important? Well.. we cut, burn and hurt ourselves most of the time. In the beginning, probably most of us on a daily basis. A mate of mine from Leeds cut himself everyday at work that we had a nickname for him. Now he's a hardworking and dedicated professional to the Chef trade.

You can check this link out for what should be included in a First Aid Kit. In UK, there are laws governing what should be in there.

My point here is not to tell you what include but what we deem the most useful items in the First Aid Kit as recommended by Chef(s)! Here I go:

  • Plasters
Oh.. love them or hate them. In the F&B trade, we are required to have Blue plasters. Why? Erm.. just in case it comes off while you are cooking... you fill in the rest of the blanks.(-_-!) Most of the time, I tell you, we will hate to use those plasters. Well.. imagine cooking, washing and repeat that more than 10 times a shift. Yeap. That Blue Thingy comes off easily. Someone pass me the superglue please! Irritatingly so.. And if we have small cuts, we pretty much leave it to bleed. But I'm afraid most of you will freak out by now.. the notion of drinking chef's blood is not that interesting afterall hur?

  • Finger Gloves??
I really wonder what's the name of these little gloves. Well..most of the time, we call them Finger Condoms. Pardonez-moi. (#___#) They are made of durex rubber and are suited to wear over your fingers. What's their use? To keep your little Blue Thingy (refer to above point) inside. It keeps water out of that area you're covering too. And it doesn't come off. No worries folks.. you won't be seeing any mini condoms complimentary of the chef of the night! ('o')

  • Cooling Lotion
Useful for some. But not useful for big burns. It helps to cool down your burns. Can't remember the exact content of this bottle of clear liquid. But it is pretty good when you can't stand the burning sensation on your skin. Wunderful!!

That should pretty much be the whole list.

I shall blabber more about First Aid for Chefs then..
Two common injuries: Cuts and Burns.

  • Rule number 1: Regardless of degree and type of injury
Run under the cold tap. Sooths burns. Slows down the burning of your skin. Helps to stop bleeding too. This process should last for at least 5 minutes. Yeah.. if you caught a glimpse of a chef by the tap, he's not skiving. He's probably in pain!

  • Rule number 2: Cuts
Apply pressure to the cut. Helps to stop bleeding. Ouch ouch.. but yeah yeah..

  • Rule number 3: Burns
Do NOT apply any lotion to the burnt area. Keep it clean.

  • Rule number 4: Burns
Do NOT burst the blister on the burnt area. It could result in infection. It's painful but hang on mate!

  • Rule number 5: Regardless of type of injury
Inform your head chef if the injury is serious. How? Scream!! I'm good at that! (=.=)

That's all for today. Have fun but stay alert and be careful! Ta!


Jasmine Shanea said...

Now you make me scared of entering the kitchen! Haha... I've had burns before due to clumsy oven work so your tips, I'll keep in mind when I make the next batch of alien cookies/cakes which you will shake your head and sigh at me. lolz

SheR. said...

No no.. I won't shake my head at you. I will wave my finger at you and say Please try again! :P

uncommon said...


I'm really surprised you don't have New Skin: as a copper I carried that will me the whole time, a vital piece of kit.



eastcoastlife said...

Alamak! Lots of injuries ah!

My son is training to be a chef and I worry everyday because he's only 16 and his classmates are quite playful.

A few weeks into the lessons and two got 2nd degree burns because they were playing with the oven gas, switching it on and off and then someone click the lighter! *horror* This one first-aid kit also no use lah.

SheR. said...

>>Brendan mate, not that I don't have New Skin in my own closet at home but most of the time even plasters are absent in those First Aid Kits. They get stolen. So... that explains it all isn't mate?

I've got a better item from the burns unit in Westminster hospital, Hydrocolloidal plasters. Lovely thing. Covers the burns and grows a skin over. :)

SheR. said...

>>ECL my love...
I can understand where you are coming from. A mother's heartache.. but no choice dear, when you let him train to be one, you can expect him to come back with injuries very often no matter how much first aid is available anywhere he works. Trust me. Me learn it the hard way too.

Like you said, he can look out for himself but others can cause harm to him too!