It's Summer and the bugs are thriving!

Don't forget! It's getting hotter now and the favourite household pests are thriving.

Ur Resident Chef would like to remind you to take care of your Food Safety even if you leave it standing "unguarded" for a few minutes. You know those irritating pests such as houseflies or fruit flies are always on the prowl for fresh meats and of course sweet treats! Yeap my dear, those disgusting creatures with dirty legs and carry maggots with them love Sweet stuff too! They can't resist the smell of your freshly baked cakes!

Some tips to remember when you store your food:

  • Keep them covered if you are leaving the your food on the table for untended.

  • Do not leave raw meats standing anywhere in your kitchen for more than 10 minutes. Cover them or store them in plastic bags if you are defrosting them!

  • Clean up the leaks and spills on your floor immediately. To stop infestation of pests such as ants, cockroaches and rats.

  • Keep food off the ground if possible. Ants or rats can bite through bags.

  • Clean up any sugar that you dropped on worktops as soon as possible. Ants are quite a nuisance (I really hate them!).

  • Cover your litter bins. Clean the bins once a week to stop them from stinking. You wouldn't want a stinky and sticky bin!

  • Invest in a good ant poison to get rid of ants as soon as the problem occurs!

  • Defrosting food at the bottom shelf of your fridge. It is safest to prevent cross contamination in your fridge.

  • Try not to store raw meats together with your ice creams on the same shelf in the freezer. If you have no choice, make sure the meat is tightly wrapped.

So have a safe and fun summer! Eat healthy and enjoy the sunshine!!!


SheR. said...


Jasmine Shanea said...

Did you cook that char kway teow? Looks really good. Makes me hungry. Haha.. :)

SheR. said...

Unfortunately not Jasmine dear. It's an old pic from my meal at Central@Clarke Quay! :( I missed it!

Syari said...

Flies are abundant right now. I wonder where they went winter time.

the char kuai teow looks really yummy sher. One of my favourites next to beehoon and laksa.

Sher, when was the last you went back to S'pore and when you gonna go back for a visit?

SheR. said...

Hey Syari sayang.
I think houseflies go into hibernation in winter if I'm not wrong. Their body system go into Suspend mode when it's cold! Brilliant hur?

Oh.. don't remind me of Char Kway Teow!!! Ah.. I so miss it again!

Going back to Singapore early next year or end of this year to escape winter! :P Not planned yet. Will let you know :)

Syari said...

Must have been like a stupid question huh? LOL Wish we can go into hibernation. aha ha ha Will be a long good rest.

Pity us eh.... :( Croatia and Hungary should have more asian ingredients.I made spaghetti goreng yesterday. Okaylah....

You must have already made a list of the things you going to eat and do when you're home eh? LOL

SheR. said...

No no.. not a stupid question Syari sayang :)

Yeah.. wish we could join forces and import some Asian ingredients into Hungary and Croatia and this region. But unfortunately, there isn't much of a market over in Croatia. Cos Croats are not too eager to try anything besides Croatian food.

I discovered a Chinatown in Trieste! Will be driving there sometime next month to get my supplies!! Hopefully Rice!! Yipee!!!! Joining us?

Syari said...

I can get use to the sayang part Sher.. ha ha ha.

wow, sher, must be real happy when you got to know it huh? I know how it felt like. ha ha.

For sure there must be rice where there are asians. he he he. Here I can buy rice in any local supermart. The hungarians produce their own rice believe it or not? The rice even cheaper than back in Malaysia. I heard it cost RM 40 in Msia and SGD 20 in S'pore for a 5 kg rice. Like eating gold.

SheR. said...

Syari Sayang.;)
Yeah we can get rice imported here too but in 1kg packs. I think it's too expensive. And I'm just not used to any other types of rice besides Thai Jasmine. So no choice!

Gotta leggit to Trieste in July!!!

What type of rice do they produce in Hungary?