A letter and a thought

A lovely letter from Cyborg mate Brendan. He forwarded a story to me. Here it goes:

Heather has suffered from extra bigness for years and even though she
is an impressively tall person: 6'2", she is "big".

She's cool, flexible as a person and workwise, gentle: gets on well
with Tracey: and works hard
....has the most exquisite voice which she is generous to share, so I
like her a lot.

She was eating carp today: bread, preservatives and toot in a
bun......I dunno: some overpriced junkopunko, so I whipped out a piece
of salmon from the fridge and cooked it up in my own inimitable way.

Two minutes, rest, one minute, rest...........cool.....and tartare or
hollandaise sauce ma'am?

"Oh, I dunno: could I have a piece either end so I could try them both"?


After she had eaten the Kaffir nonsense......

She said:

That was LOVERLEY!

Converted she cried............"it don't taste like Salmon from a tin".

Most people have to eat fish out of tins nowadays which is a shame really. I wouldn't know how a tuna look like before I came to Croatia (the former glory land of Bluefin Tuna). In the very near future, we will no longer know how the fish looks like. Straight from the cans will we serve our dear old Tuna.

It is also a shame that not many like to experiment with fresh fish. It's stinky I know but it's got to be the most delicious food on earth! Fresh food is so sweet and delicate that all meats pale in comparison.

I have not even started on the health benefits on fish yet. I've been singing praises about it for the longest time on this blog.

So peeps, what are you waiting for? Go out. Get a little stinky and get yourself a fresh fish. You'll be amazed how that Salmon taste different from that in a can!!!

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