A lovely photograph for the Hot Monday

My dear blogger mate, Brendan has let me used this picture of his. Really beautiful. The gorgeous pepper plants and a beautiful cat. I'm sure this can light up your day too!


C K said...

That cat looked like it was forced to a corner and ready to pounce! Roar... :p

My Bug Life said...

A lovely photograph indeed!

The_Sphinx's World said...

Hi Sher, I didn't know you're a cat person. I haven't tried getting a cat for a pet, I love dogs more.

I hope Brendan didn't try to taste the pepper. The ripe ones look inviting!

SheR. said...

>>Meow meow meow CK.
This cat is escaping from the spicy chillies! Heheheheh

>>Shutter buggie I love the photograph too! I'll nick one of yours soon! ;)

>>Sphinxie! I love cats so does my fiance. We have the loveliest white fat cat at home. And you should listen to my conversation with the cat daily! Aw....

Oh.. Brendan loves peppers! I think there's nothing left of those very soon!;)

uncommon said...


Them peppers wuz HOT!

Susan, (the boss) likes to spice up Cheese on toast with about enough red hot pepper to set fire to the house.

There's a hot pepper sauce called "Scorned Woman" and those peppers must have made it:)


Syari said...

Gee, I'm jealous of your friend for having that chilli padi (right?) plant. :D

SheR. said...

Syari sayang.. I'm growing my own Chillies too. The normal ones.. not chilli padi! Should you be envious? :P