Loving my Crisps!

I was munching on my bread when I came across an interesting article relating to Big Brother in UK. Yes, I am still following news in UK even though I'm not there for more than a year now. Big Brother was one of the TV programmes that I wouldn't miss each day. Yeah.. call me a couch potato. It was more interesting to watch than "Bargain Hunt"!

Back to the Sunday's episode of BB, the housemates were required to identify the different flavours of crisps all mixed in a big bowl. The flavours are Ready Salted, Worcester Sauce, Salt & Vinegar, and Cheese & Onion. And guess how they fared?

They managed to get 22 out of 25% of Salt & Vinegar crisps, 24 out of 25% of Ready Salted crisps 32 out of 40% of Cheese & Onion crisps. They wrongly identified as much as 21% of the crisps as Worcester Sauce when only 10% of that flavour.

I believed these folks had to lick through a lot of crisps to determine which is which. Ew.. hope no one eats those crisps. Here's an interesting thought of the day: Would you be able to correctly identify all the crisps after licking through a whole bowl of them?

Craving for a bag of Walkers Salt & Vinegar right now...


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Sher,

No Thanks. I tend to look at these things as full of salt, or MSG, made crisp because of transfat, are processed foods that are totally unhealthy.

My health and eating healthy foods are what I prefer best. :-) --Durano, done!

SheR. said...

Hello Durano dear!! Good Monday to you!!

Oh.. just a little fun once in a while.. No harm :P Yummy Crisps. Ha! All right. Healthy eating! ;)

uncommon said...


I am being encouraged to SIN here!

Besides, crisps interfere with my exoskeleton.....


uncommon said...


Actually: on the subject of junk food. I travel a lot out of the BA gate at Atlanta airport, and there is a food court there, with about ten different eateries. Italian, Sandwiches, Indian, Chinese and so on.

All of them have a few customers: but the only place that has a swollen queue that needs management and a constant ka-ching of the till is McDonalds.

I genuinely dislike McDonalds food: although if stuck on the road, and there was nothing else: of course it is fuel, but the truth is: LOTS and lots of people whatever they might say in public: like eating junk food when no one is watching.


eastcoastlife said...

I'm not too good with crisps.... will get too heaty after a pack. I prefer my sng buay. hehe....

SheR. said...

>> Brendan mate!!!
Time for sins!! Crisps!! Come on I now you want it :P *evil*

Oh I HATE Mac's! Rubbish food. Guess what.. most americans I met during my travels would rather go for it rather than any local food. They said it's a trusted taste?!? Absurd but true. They have managed to produce consistent rubbish internationally!

SheR. said...

>>ECL dear..
You and your Sng Buay.. :P *piak piak*

Lotus Flower said...

Back when I could handle it, my sons and I loved Pik-nik, Frito-Lays, Pringles, with tomato catsup as dip.

How eeewwwy could that be. Me, I have totally stopped, my sons? They are still at it :-(

Cheers Sher!

SheR. said...

Oh my Ketchup with everything hur? I wouldn't even give it a go. Attempt to make my own ketchup nowadays after reading the labels on the bottle..